Inactive [ECON] Simple Region Market v1.7.8- Sell your land! [1.2.5 R-4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Fellowslothb, Jul 7, 2012.

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    I tried doing /rm limit rent world world 1

    then right clicked a sign that's 5+ days left [the original rent time was 7 days] but didn't extend the time at all and gave me the whole can't extend my time message.

    anything else I forgot to do?
  2. I dont think so, it sounds like your doing it right... hmm maybe a bug? the new version will be out soon so that can be fixed
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    thank you!
    What I must do for set a max number of regions per player??
  4. Look in the config file ;)
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    is "max_rent_multiplier:" ??
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    Hi fellow, will you be releasing a 1.3.1 update? The people that took over it from zorro seem to be all over the shop it was good to find this version, also... im curious, did you know about the limit commands etc?

    Iv had this installed and working, and its all fine, but there no mention of them on your page. You can limit the number of regions a player can rent / own and also set limits per indervidual, i use it as a donator perk, increasing there limit that is :)
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    How I change the messages on the sign?
  8. If you want to change the messages then you would have to destroy the sign and replace it
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    it seems to work on 1.3.1 although its not hooking into the lang file for me (didnt in 1.2.5 either) and its not hooking into vault for the economy side?

    Any ideas....
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    whre are the 1.3.1 download
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    Hey i got this plugin on my server and people cant use the [let] signs or any signs only ops can i have given them permission and it still does not work please help and when will the 1.3.1 version be coming out for this??
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    it just says "You do not have permission to buy this region" only ops can buy
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    Ymm im have a trouble, if player dont wanna this house and wanna buy new house he cannot let or sell old house
    <sorry for my bad english>
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    please update

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