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    by Ashtheking
    What is MultiCurrency? A lightweight yet powerful plugin providing multiple currencies. Perfect for that RP server with different nations! Or perhaps usable for that Stock Market server? Whatever you are looking for, this plugin is for you. Created for the private server TJRP (tjrp.proboards.com), I decided to release this for the world.

    Source included in jar.

    Command List:
    Alias are the same, with "mc" infront, aka "/mcpay" instead of "/pay."

    Uses these nodes if Permissions is installed, else it uses the above settings.
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    ashtheking.multicurrency.info: (/money command)
    ashtheking.multicurrency.pay (/pay command)
    ashtheking.multicurrency.create (/create command)
    ashtheking.multicurrency.convert (/convert command)
    ashtheking.multicurrency.exchange (/exchange command)
    ashtheking.multicurrency.remove (/remove command)
    (If the config is set up for this)
    ashtheking.multicurrency.obtain.<currency> (receiving from /pay command)

    None so far, :D
    Please email [email protected] OR post here with any bugs.

    For Plugin Developers (How to hook into MultiCurrency):
    Uneeded now, it's part of Register!
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    Hooking into MultiCurrency is about the easiest thing to do. Here's how.
    1. Start by importing the following.
      1. Code:
        import me.ashtheking.currency.CurrencyList;
    2. Then, when you wish to modify the currency (add / subtract / multiply/ divide), use this. If you do not specify, currency, uses whatever currency the player has the most of.
      1. Code:
        CurrencyList.<function>(String playerName, double amount, [optional] String currency)
    3. You can check things about the currency, such as isNegative, hasOver, hasUnder, hasEnough, all of which have arguments: (String playerName, double amount, (optional) String currency). If you don't specify currency, does the same as the functions.
    4. If you wish to add your own currency, simply use this code, where "m" is a Material:
      1. Code:
        CurrencyList.addCurrency(currency, m.name());
    5. If you ever need help, just check the source code included in the jar, or email me at [email protected]

    Config File Explanation:
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    • usePermissions=true
      • If set to true, means that it will look for, and if found, will use, Permissions 3.x
    • noPermsMessage=You don't have permissions to do this.
      • Message sent if someone tries to use a command, does not mean you need the usePermissions, as it will do this for the (Op) commands.
    • requirePermsForEachCurrency=false
      • If changed to true, will require the player a person is trying to send <currency> to using /pay to have "ashtheking.multicurrency.obtain.<currency>", otherwise will tell both players the below message
    • unableToGetCurrencyMessage=not having permissions for this currency.
      • Reason Message for being unable to obtain <currency>.

    --Integrate with Permissions DONE!
    --Have better plugin dev support. Part of Register! Thanks @Acrobot
    --Suggest if you have an idea.


    That's all, folks! Enjoy!
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    title is missing pplugin version
    no changelog
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    How do you edit the title? I'll make the changelog.
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    Thread tools -> edit thread
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    Thank you! I just checked and found out the same thing, :)
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    Good idea!
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    Integrate with permissions
    Make it work with LWC
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    I'll look into Permissions, but it should work with LWC, unless there is a command conflict.

    Updated to 0.05, adding some more features.

    Really people? Deleting your posts as soon as you post them? I get an email, but it gives me an error. Really annoying. Just edit your post.

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    As it was stated before: permissions integration. Just making it work with permissions is fine too.
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    Ahh I like this. Best to get some plugins to support it?
  11. Maybe its me , but I think the download link doesnt work ...
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    It works fine for me, but a few people seem to have a problem with dropbox links for whatever reason.
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    Works with permissions now.
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    Good plugin. Espically for RPG! :) :D

    you sir deserver an internet.
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    Thank you!
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    Would this awesome looking plugin be able to link with iConomy or any other economy plugins so we could have multiple currencies with them?

    Great plugin :)
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    I'll look into it. iConomy and the others use a sole currency. I could make it so you could change your iConomy into MultiCurrency, but i can't change iConomy to have multiple currencies. I'd basically have to change their entire plugin.

    I've added a little section for plugin developers to develop plugins hooking into multicurrency.

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    I like this! Now you just have to contact a few of the other ECON devs and ask them to hook into this plugin! I will definately be using this once my server grows!
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    Better plugin support and such added.
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    I have a couple of questions and I hope you'll answer them.
    1. How do I spawn the money. Is it a crafting recipe?
    2. What is the Material you select when making a Currency?
    3. Is there a way to Edit or Delete a Currency?
    4. Do I need any other Plugins?
    I hope to get a reply.

    Hey, I was wondering if you knew any Mods that supported MultiCurrency? if so please leave a link.

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    1. How do I spawn the money. Is it a crafting recipe?
    you use the command /convert while having some of the material specified during creation.
    2. What is the Material you select when making a Currency?
    Its the item that converts into X currency, at the exchange rate
    3. Is there a way to Edit or Delete a Currency?
    Not right now, though you can "remove" a players account using /remove.
    4. Do I need any other Plugins?
    No, this works by itself, but it does support Permissions.
    Hey, I was wondering if you knew any Mods that supported MultiCurrency?
    Not at the moment, but Acrobot's iConomyChestShop Plugin will support it soon.

    Here's an example usage to perhaps clarify it a bit more:
    I'm the admin of a server, having all the permissions, and I want to create a currency based in iron ingots called Ironium. So I use the command: "/create Ironium IRON_INGOT" which then creates the currency. I spawn myself a stack of Iron Ingots to use. I then set the exchange rate using "/exchange Ironium 10" so that when I convert 1 iron ingot into money, it gives me 10 Ironium. I then use "/convert Ironium 64" to convert my stack of Iron Ingots into 640 Ironium. I then can go inform my players about the new currency and start using it. I come to a store that sells Lapis Lazuli for 20 Ironium each (Preposterous!) I agree and the shop owner gives me 2 Lapis. I then use the command "/pay <shop owner> 40 Ironium", and if i didn't have 40 ironium, it wouldn't do anything.

    Released new build fixing many bugs and exploits. Please redownload. @Acrobot, you can publish it now.

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    Thanks a lot. I was having a lot of trouble with it. Wonderful mod and I like it a lot. Also, Can you send money to people who are offline? and can money be re made into the material? I'm making a Hotel and I need some sort of paying system. I was considering using a coupon mod I got but I need a way to get my coins! Also, sorry that I'm asking a lot of questions. I'm new to Bukkit and still don't understand much.
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    No, and No. I will add the 1st one as a feature soon, because i just got an idea for it.
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    Well this is a wonderful mod and I will support it as much as I can without donating. I can't use my parents credit card sorry :\
    Either way I will spread the word and happily see if I can get people to make it compatible. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.(^_^)
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    It's in newest Register version.
    Expect it to be compatible with a lot of plugins soon :)
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    I know, i'm following the github repository, :D
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    I dont like that you just convert them. I'd love it if you just could buy another currency from a player, like in reallife.
    It would do interesting stuff like fluctuating the value of a currency. (I love minecraft economys :D. If there would be a plugin letting a nation leader print money or destroy some i would also take it lol.)
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    Just give the permissions for converting only to a few people, the minters. Then the minters use /pay to distribute.
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    I was curious based on the permission nodes I see, i don't see it as possible, however I wish to ask.

    Is it possible to have 2 seperate groups in permissions where they can only get a set certain currency and not interact with any others? Like...

    Group A:
    - 'ashtheking.multicurrency.Dollar.pay'
    - 'ashtheking.multicurrency.Dollar.convert'
    - 'ashtheking.multicurrency.Dollar.info'

    Group B:
    - 'ashtheking.multicurrency.Bills.pay'
    - 'ashtheking.multicurrency.Bills.convert'
    - 'ashtheking.multicurrency.Bills.info'

    so that group A and B could not trade with each other, and both groups could turn in GOLD_INGOT to produce cash for their nation. using that ashtheking.multicurrency.convert permission to convert.

    Maybe this doesn't exist or maybe it does and I'm just not understanding it. I hope I made sense at least.
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    Well, 2 currencies can exist using the same item, thats why the syntax for the convert command is "/convert <currency> <amount>".

    And you can either force the 2 groups not to be able to pay each other. That, or i could make a node: "ashtheking.multicurrency.get.<currencyName>" for each currency. Then you just set the permissions. I'll see what i can do.

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