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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Baptiste Pillot, Feb 23, 2011.

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    you are amazing, man, but you not response my question:
    I modify the sell ratio to 0.50 and recalculate the prices putting /rs daily, but the sell price don't decresease =S, any idea? [/rs reload don't work fot me]
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    On my server I kept having the same bug:
    "The chest is occupied by the player ..."
    Since I have the version 0.593 everything is solved ...
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    hey i have a promblem i have icomoy 5 and were ever some ones go to buy some thing in the shop it says thay have 100 moines but realy there have like 5000 iconomy money so can u help me
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    I found a bug. When i am adding eg. orange wool to shop, it's saying, so it's white wool.
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    or maybe the server has market prices set and it recalculated the prices based on how many people are buying /selling the lava/water buckets?

    i have that turned on so that when people buy/sell so many of certain items it lowers the price to buy/sell so if they were selling those buckets in bulk to make loads of cash the cost would go down while the empty buckets would stay the same

    btw i thank you for that feature since on my server someone has been selling tons of lapis to make cash and now it's cheaper to buy/sell lapis then iron or coal
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    How did this happen?
    2011-05-13 14:18:05 [WARNING] [shop] HyperServer > XpLiCe: stolen 265 (Iron Ingot) x64 item duplicated !
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    Trying to figure out why people cannot use the command only GMs can, I think i have to set the right permission system, and right now, I am using Essentials Group Manager as Ranks. ill try using that.
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    I also have the 'bug' with the /rs help answer, and all my config seems to be good (permissions OK, permissionsPlugin=Permissions). What is strange is that when a player enter :
    - /rs c --> he get answer is /rs help
    - /realshop create --> he get no answer
    - /rs create --> he get 'Le magasin a été créé'
    If it could help to solve the problem... ;)
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    I mean the shared bank accounts between players. So you can share profits from a chest shop with other players.
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    Amaël Verbeure


    My ingame nickname is Sherminator69000, which is one character too many to appear on the sign above the chest. Maybe this is causing the following bug:

    When someone tries to buy from me, the following error message appears: "This seller's account doesn't exist".

    What can I do?
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    Drei Gyuu


    My test results in attempt to separate coal and charcoal as two different items, Based on MC data values.
    Coal is 263
    Charcoal is 263:1

    However, here is my dataValues and market.txt test.
    I've created a chestshop and put a Coal and a Charcoal in it. Then I punch the chestbox and here is my result.

    Just Reporting :D
    Best Regards

    Furthermore testing, same goes with the rest of the items with an index value into it. Saplings, Wood,Dyes,Slabs,Wools.

    and this is a little surprising for me, Diamond is actually 264:1

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    tha d0ctor

    none of these commands, or really any of the /rs commands work for me either
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    Oh, oh... I have a shop, but when another player tries to open it, it does open and he can take whatever he wants without getting charged, and then the shop is locked saying "Playerxxx is already using it" and it throws this error on the log (2nd on the pastebin:)
    and so I deleted the shop because I didn't want to be ruined, and it deleted, throwing the first error on the pastebin.
    To mention, the shop is in a worldguard region, with build not set, and chest-access allow (so we can normally use other people's chests)
    and by the way, do you fully take in account double-chest shops? if you click on the 2nd chest, you do get charged for the purchases, right?
    Thanks for this plugin, which is close to perfect... without the bugs
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    How are these players managing to steal from shops? I caught one person, they still had the items they had stolen, how did they manage that?

    2011-05-16 18:47:21 [WARNING] [shop Krevil's_Hardware] Krevil > Total_Z: stolen 266 (Gold Ingot) x64 item duplicated !
    2011-05-16 18:51:14 [WARNING] Player Penoze logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-05-16 19:15:27 [WARNING] Player Total_Z logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-05-16 19:18:47 [WARNING] Player murdrums logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-05-16 19:18:53 [INFO] [shop Krevil's_Hardware] Krevil > Total_Z: Purchased 264 (Diamond) x17 (8500.0)
    2011-05-16 19:20:08 [WARNING] Player murdrums logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-05-16 19:20:36 [WARNING] Player murdrums logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-05-16 19:21:53 [WARNING] Player Penoze logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-05-16 19:22:00 [WARNING] Player Penoze logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-05-16 19:23:38 [WARNING] Player Total_Z logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-05-16 19:23:38 [WARNING] [shop Krevil's_Hardware] Krevil > Total_Z: stolen 264 (Diamond) x34 item duplicated !
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    There are too many messages to answer to... the [WARNING] should have disapear and some ways to grief stuffs may have been fixed. So I hope you'll have less problems.

    A lot of little more thinks have to be fixed now... sorry for the plugin to be so unstable these days, since the iConomy 5 / Permissions compliancy update.
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    You should add a new command:

    /rshop clear - Clears out the inventory of the chest.
    /rs clear

    Would be a nice feature for MARKET STORES that need to be wiped especially if you want to move shop chests to a new location.
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    The problem I am having still persists in this version. It appears that unless you click a shop immediately after using it it will lock up.
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    I have one concern...I was looking over the datavalues file and i noticed for instance, the price of sticks, which comes form planks

    5;Wooden Plank;17=4

    (so this one log gives me 4 planks. Thus the value is based on 4 planks)


    (so this is saying that you need to use (5{planks} (x4)) x2 to make 4 sticks? --

    So the real value of sticks is about 1/16 of the calculated price in realshops

    Can you add in fractions to the next update so the prices of items like wood stay reasonable?
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    The problem with the plugin printing /rshop help for any command that is typed still persists. Right now i am using CraftBukkit #740 and reinstalled my entire Server for testing.. Does not seem to work yet


    EDIT: Found the problem: The line "permissionsPlugin=Permissions" was missing ... God knows why, didn't change the file. Anyway, it's working again
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    It seems all wool is selling as the default 35..can anyone else confirm?

    EDIT:Just a note...the issue from .60 seems to have cleared up. Added in market value items today and had no issues with chests.
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    Suggestions - Please add support for the shop to pay directly to bank accounts, this would be so helpful.
    -Multiple owners of a shop (where the money for the shop would be payed into a bank account)

    If you could add these suggestions it would make me so happy :D :D :D :D :D
    Oh and BTW it's already an amazing plugin, my users love it, but would like to see these features.
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    Hi, I have another one: If a player gets killed, after putting something in his Inventory, the Killer can take the dropped Items, and the Buyer doesn´t have to pay.
    In this case, there is also no stolen warning.
    Couldn´t you make the payment in the moment the Buyer puts things in his inventory, instead of going away?

    Sorry for double-Post...

    I also made a second Version of the Language-files. I just replaced all the German "Umlaute" (äüö) with ae ue and oe. I just realized the Standard-Bukkit can´t show them.

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    Y a t'il un moyen d'éviter que les objets s'empile au cas ou une transaction serait annulé par exemple ? Car çà arrive fréquemment et il y a des petits malin qui s'amuse à utiliser ce bug

    Edit : Au passage tu nous avertis que la pour le moment le plugin est instable mais tu parle de quelle version ?
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    I am also getting the /rs help response when using permissions. You get the response when using any of the pricing commands [/rs price, /rs price 4 30 20, etc.] Please fix! I would like my users to set their own prices!
    My shop owners get the following permissions:
    - realshop.close
    - realshop.xbuy
    - realshop.sell
    - realshop.xsell
    - realshop.price.set
    - realshop.price.del

    I would also suggest reorganizing the permission nodes. eg [,, realshop.admin.reload] That way we can just give realshop.client.* to normal users and realshop.owner.* to owners, etc.
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    wow thats really dumb
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    Damian Mason

    You do have these nodes inside single quotes right?
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    I'm pretty sure he meant the multiple player bank accounts. There are two types, the players "wallet" and bank accounts which can have multiple owners. The turnstile plugin lets the turnstile deposit directly into a bank account, you could probably ask the creator of that plugin for pointers on how to do this. Having the shop deposit into a bank account would make having multiple owners of one shop possible, that way just have both of the owners able to access the bank account.
    Sorry if this is confusing, I have limited time to explain right now.
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    I'm getting a lot of issues on .63 like it saying "No transaction" at some points and whenever i type /rshop (command) beyond /rshop or /rshop ? it says /rshop help and thats all. no errors are given CB 766 Permissions 2.7.3 and iConomy 5.0.1

    WHATS ODD. is it happens with any version im using now.

    Does anyone have any idea how to fix this i need this to run my server its basically the heart of my server. it would be impossible without the infinite buy command since my entire server works off money and they get it from this. 63 62 61 im all getting the /rs help bug

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    Please focus on fixing this bug as my players have started to discover it and it's a pretty serious bug, so serious that I'm discontinuing use of RealShop until it's fixed.
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    Bug report (yet another one, I can see):
    I had a stack of 64 iron ingots, someone tried to buy one without having enough money (poor fellow) and now I have an 'infinite' stack : Only one appears, but I can select it and right-click any number of times I want (more than 256, at least)... so then I generated 4 stacks of 64, and w/o anyone trying to buy them (as far as I know) they changed to infinite stacks? Not that I'm complaining :D but it would ruin my server's economy if people found this bug...

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