Inactive [ECON] Paid2Mine - Get paid to mine items with iConomy [928]

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    Get Paid to Mine!​
    Version 0.3.0

    Download | Source Code | Latest Dev Builds​
    Wiki | Contribute Ideas | Donate

    Live Chat @ #pwnage
    In-depth description of what the plugin does.​
    /minepay [-version|-clearrec|countrec|force|-reload]​

    How do I install Paid2Mine?
    It's fairly simply, really. Download it and upload / place it to your plugins directory, and run your server. Configure as necessary in the values.yml file in plugins/Paid2Mine, and execute the command /minepay -reload as an Op.​
    For an example configuration, please visit our wiki.​

    • 0.3
      • Update for #928
      • Adds Permissions (Paid2Mine.getpaid)
    • 0.2
      • Update for #860
      • Disables "Farming" or "Boosting" of money
      • Supposedly fixes issues with the timeout on updating iConomy (please let me know if it does!)
      • Added /minepay force (force payment)
      • Added /minepay -clearrec (clears records)
      • Added /minepay countrec (counts records)
      • Added /minepay list (lists all items in the config to a player - this will be updated)
      • Records are temporary logs (upto 2.5 minutes) for the boosting prevention.
    • 0.1.2
      • Implemented user alerts in-game
      • Updated for CB 740 and iConomy 5
    • 0.1.1
      • Fixes the (sometimes occurring) not being paid for different items.
    • 0.1
      • Initial release.
    To-Be Implemented:
    • Permissions
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    Done! I'll set up a post for my new plugin and all the rest so that it can be release tomorrow.


    And here it is! Say hello to the WurkIt plugin! it provides all the same functionality provided here and more and best of all it will run on your brand newest server without crying at all! I hope you all enjoi!

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    I like how you finish when I start re-working on my plugins. :p

    In case anyone is interested, I've fixed (or I hope so at least) the 30-40 minutes bug thing. I sat on my test server for an hour at a time checking to make sure this next update fixed it, hopefully it did.
    I've implemented a way to prevent boosting and team boosting, forced for now, meaning it logs all blocks for upto 2.5 minutes until the next payday.
    If your default value is 0, you will only log the items in your configuration.

    I have added (by request) the following commands:
    1. /minepay clearrec - Clears all records in the temporary records.
    2. /minepay list - (Public) Lists all items in the configuration
      This is not yet put into pages, I'm just aiming for a release tomorrow morning.
    3. /minepay -countrec - Counts how many records are in the temporary records.
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    Mate, you should have said something and saved me the work. Great to see you back and with even more functionality though! Now that I have put the work in to getting WurkIt up and running I'll keep working on it and hopefully further down the track the plugins will be different enough to be alternatives for each other.

    In any case, well done and best of luck with Paid2Mine in the future.

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    Haha sorry about that bro, I wasn't even sure about when I'd be able to upgrade my plugins.

    Good luck with your plugin, I'm sure you'll do great with it.

    First post updated, 0.2.0 released. :) Sorry for the wait, guys.

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  6. Send me a PM when you add Permissions support?
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    I would like to see that being integrated!
    Nice idea!
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    Can confirm the 40 min stop is no longer an issue, cheers.
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    Great! We're always looking for new ways for players to get money :D

    Love this.
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    I've ran this consistently for the past 3 days with 10-25 players online at any one time. I can personally say the same. :p
    Good to hear :)
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    Will this work with Newest Recommended Build #928?
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    Yes it does as far as I can see.
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    any chance on permissions?
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    Yes I'll be adding that in shortly. I've been sleeping a lot more recently (you'd think a person would get more work done with more sleep...) and haven't been awake enough to touch any of my code. I'll have a new version up shortly, within two hours.
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    nice :)
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    Thanks for updating this!
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    Can't wait.
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    Hm it says v0.30 has Permissions, but users without the permission node are still getting "payday"...any ideas?
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    Working for #1000?
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    Odd... didnt work with build #1000. But then readded and now it works... odd...
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    I get this error. also using build #1000
    it says paid2mine enabled but no one gets paid. i also added the permission node.

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    How often is payday? Fantastic concept! Im using Version 928 with Build 1000. It would be nice if it was updated.... Anyways, how after is payday? Its not mentioned anywhere
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    same with me i mine and i dont get paid. :/
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  25. Doesn not work with CB #1000 for meh =(
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    I second this question. When is payday
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  27. Why doesnt redstone work? I tested stone and a little while later got payed the right amount! I try and mine redstone and i ahve it added to the config and im waiting ages and nothing! I dont get paid at all
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    i didnt use the plugin a long time, so i might be wrong, but probably you have to use glowing redstone instead of redstone...
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    please can you update this to bukkit version 1060? this is one of my favourite plugins :(
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    or updated it for 1.67 since 1.8 came out, unless it works fine. Not sure haven't gotten a chance to test it out yet. Anyone else know if it works?

    Actually I may switch over to the official permissions plugin as well since I can't seem to get PermissionsEx to work, does anyone know if this has Superperms support? If not that would be a nice addition/change.
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    iConomy 6 support, please!
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