[ECON/MISC] DeathPenalty v1.08 - Take money from players when they die [1060]

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  1. DeathPenalty by Pandemoneus
    Version 1.08

    This plugin makes players lose money when they die. This includes a configurable threshold, amount lost and messages.

    • Players lose money when they die
    • Gives money to player killers
    • Configurable via a YML file
    • iConomy 5.0 OR BOSEconomy 6.2 (if both installed for whatever reasons, iConomy will be used)
    • Permissions 3.x (optional)
    • WorldGuard 5.2.3 (optional)

    Launch once to create a configuration file.
    It is then located at /plugins/DeathPenalty/config.yml.

    Options are:
    • Money: [amount] - money to lose on death
    • TargetMinMoney: [amount] - money a player must have at least to lose money at all
    • LosePercentage: [amount] - percentage of the money the player should lose when he dies -- NOTE: this will be used instead of "Money" if not 0.0
    • BalanceCanBeNegative: [true, false] - determines whether the player's money can be negative after subtracting
    • FloorAfterSubtraction: [true, false] - determines whether the player's money should be floored (rounded down) after subtracting (iConomy only)
    • ShowMsgOnDeath: [true, false] - determines whether a message is shown on the player's death
    • NotEnoughMoney: [message] - shows this message when a player dies but didn't have enough money
    • LostMoney: [message] - shows this message when a player dies and when he had enough money -- Use <Money> to make the plugin insert the amount lost, <Currency> to display the currency name and finally <Percentage> if you want to show the percentage defined in 'LosePercentage'
    • GiveMoneyToKiller: [true, false] - determines whether the player who killed the victim should receive the money lost by the victim
    Permission Nodes:

    • deathpenalty (alias: dp) - shows the help
    • deathpenalty reload (alias: dp reload) - reloads the plugin
    • deathpenalty info (alias: dp info) - shows the currently loaded config


    Version 1.08
    • Penalty money is now cut off after the second decimal
    Version 1.07
    • Added PermissionBukkit support
    Version 1.06
    • Added customizable version for the killer message
    • Added new tag <Victim> to display the victim's name
    • Added new tag <Killer> to display the killer's name (only works when you were actually killed by a player, of course)
    Older Versions (open)

    Version 1.054
    • Slight restructuring of code which should also fix a NullPointerException
    Version 1.053
    • Attempt to fix multiple subtractions and loss of money although player did not die (NOTE: as always, needs testing for PvP)
    Version 1.052
    • Killer should really receive money now (NOTE: Test it)
    Version 1.051
    • Added message for the killer that he received money
    Version 1.05
    • Added PVP reward (NOTE: This needs testing, I can't do that on my own)

    Version 1.04
    • Added BOSEconomy support
    • Added Permission 'deathpenalty.losemoney' that makes only certain players lose money on death
    Version 1.03
    Note: Had a big typo in the plugin name. Make sure you reconfigure everything and delete the old plugin!
    • Added WorldGuard support
    • You can now set whether penalties get applied in WorldGuard regions
    Version 1.02
    • Added more tags, <Percentage> and <Currency>
    • Fixed bug causing an exception in replaceTag
    • Added support for more than one occurence of a tag in a string
    Version 1.01
    • Added percentage removal
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
  2. Right, I will look at your suggestions when I find some time, right now I gotta study for my exam that I got next week.
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    Could you make that the money you loose depend on which Worldguard region are you in?

    Would be really great ;))
  4. I'm dropping the support for a plugin, as it is heading in a direction I didn't want it to go. This plugin was never meant for PVP rewards, etc.

    I'm sorry for everyone who used this, and I thank you for doing so!
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    does this make player only lose a percentage of "onhand" money or is money safely stored away in bank also affected?
    i am using hbank plugin
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    Please update this to iconomy 6
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    iconomy6 please :)
  8. @Pandemoneus
    Am I allowed to request someone who will continue/take some parts of your source code and make a plugin?
    Cuz you won't work at this plugin anymore, I guess.
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    Hello! If you don't mind my asking does this support essentialseco?

    I don't know if iconomy is essentialseco or not :/ I'm pretty new to the whole economy plugin thing
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    Could this plugin be updated? I tried to put it in with the newest version of Bukkit and the Config didn't generate and the plugin just doesnt work. I'd love to use it though.

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