[ECON] HyperConomy v0.961 - Easily create a dynamic economy. [1.4.7-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by RegalOwl, Apr 6, 2012.

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    nice m8 THX :) alot
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    I don't have a very good way to test it at the moment, since my friend is not online, but try this version:

    Let me know if that fixes it. :)

    Version .914 has been released. Here are some of the recent bug fixes and additions:


    - Added experience trading. (/buyxp, /xpinfo, and /sellxp (possible 'max'))

    - Added /browseshop command as an easier way to see what is in each shop or the global economy.

    - Shop exit message can now be turned off. (It's on by default.)

    - Added ability to disable history, infosigns, and notifications. If these are all disabled, no events will be registered.

    - Added price change notifications. (/notify command) The notifications are customizable. You can be notified for just a few items/enchantment, or for all items and enchantments. Just give whoever you want to see the notifications the hyperconomy.notify permission.

    - Changed the behavior of /topitems, /topenchants, and /browseshop. You no longer have to type in the shop name if you want to see what's in a specific shop. It will now do that automatically when you are in the shop. For instance, if a shop only sells diamonds, while you're in the shop and type /topitems, only diamonds will be listed. After leaving the shop and typing /topitems, all items in the economy will be listed again.

    - Changed history signs to display percentages to save space. (There were many useless 0's before.)

    - Performance improvements

    - Reorganized some code.

    - Recompiled for version 1.2.5-R1.2

    Bug fixes

    - Fixed major bug that occurred for players in Europe and likely in other locations. (hopefully)

    - Fixed several bugs relating to item names with capital letters.

    - Fixed bug in /scalebypercent. It now will create partial dollar amounts. Such as $1.24 etc

    - Fixed bug in /evalue command

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    Hi RegalOwl,

    iam getting the same error as described above with the older Version of HC. Iam also from Germany :)
    I will test .914 later today, stay tuned.

    PS: NICE WORK!!! :)

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    Thanks, let me know if there are still any errors in .914. :)
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    SOLVED! :)
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    Glad to hear it's working. :)
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    Hey, i guess by

    Transaction signs

    you mean signs being able to execute a /buy oder /sell order simply by clicking on it, right?
    If so: When are you planning on implementing this? Because all in all that sounds fantastic, but i want to keep the commands really low for my users..
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    Yep, it will work just by clicking the sign. At the moment it is a left click to sell and a right click to buy. I just need to figure out a permission system for it. It should be implemented quite soon, unless I run into issues. :) I'm planning to add it in the next update.

    Version .918 has been released.
    - Added transaction signs. Left click to sell, right click to buy. You can specify how much each click should sell.​
    - Improved algorithm for adding items to inventory. When buying items that can be stacked they will no longer be placed into an empty inventory slot. Instead, they will now stack with existing item stacks until all item stacks in inventory are full.​
    - Disabled duplicate notifications.​
    Bug fixes
    - Fixed bug related to the percent change calculation of history signs.​

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    keeps geting better :)
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    Version .92
    - Added player chest shops.

    - Added sell/buy combination sign
    - Added ability to create sell only, buy only, admin shops, and other combinations with individual shop permissions

    - Added ability to rename the economy account with the /renameeconomyaccount command

    - If you try to sell more items than you have you will now sell all that you are able to sell (good for transaction signs.)
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    i LOVE this plugin. just got it last night and it is amazing. so much so, that this little error i keep getting warranted making this account just so i could hopefully get a question answered. =D
    I set the chestshopsmustbeinshopes=true and when i do the signs keep telling me i need to have the chest shop in an actual shop. which is fine, thats what i wanted but i am doing just that.

    i origionally thought it was because i needed to select a bigger volume for the shop (rather than only selecting the area of the floor.) but that did not fix it. as long as the option is that chest shops can be anywhere, they work fine.

    is there any fix to this? am i overlooking anything?
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    I'm not exactly sure what's causing the issue. I just tested it and it worked normally for me. The only thing to keep in mind is that where the chest is is actually irrelevant. What actually matters is whether or not the player is in a shop. So, basically, if you're in a shop you will be able to create chests, if not, you won't. Let me know if that helps at all. If not I'll investigate further. Glad you like the plugin. :)
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    Version .93 is almost out with multiple economy and SQL support.

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    EDIT 4: i cleared my shops.yml and replaced all my info/transaction signs, its seems to be working fine now. that was weird o.0

    I've came across a bug (i think). i'm using transaction signs, and sometimes they randomly erase themselves. Having more then one transaction sign for the same item might be the problem, but i still think it shouldn't happen. Its the one that was placed last that gets erased. For the record, one T. sign has a quantity of 1, the other 32.


    EDIT: no errors show when this happens

    EDIT 2: it seems to only happen when non transaction signs are updated. just a slight patter i noticed, but im not sure if this is always the case.


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    Anyone know a quick way to add more decimals to price sings? my Sell and buy signs only says $0.0 as the prices are so low.
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    I'll look into that as soon as I can. What would be helpful is a step by step method to create the bug.

    It should show any price at or above .01. If it's below that it's not currently detectible by the plugin. If it's .01 and not showing let me know and I'll look into it.

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    alrighty, ill do my best.

    1. place info signs and transaction signs for an item, do so for about 30-ish items. for one item, lets say dirt, the signs are arranged like this, as with every item:

    [air] [sb]
    [stock] [sell/buy (1)]

    (the white block represents air)

    2. wait a week or two (after a few hyperconomy jar updates) and change the sb sign with a sell/buy sign (32), and put the sb sign where the air is. so it will now look like this:

    [sb] [sell/buy (32)]
    [stock] [sell/buy (1)]

    3. Now, within a halfhour the new sell/buy (32) sign will only display the item name, and no longer act as a transaction sign. Once it does this is doesnt change back, and it randomly happens to signs, It happens to some while it doesnt happen to others. The only fix was to erase the signs.yml and re-set all the signs. I have a feeling the problem itself is writing the sign data to the yml file when a different jar version is being used. if you need any more info ill be glad to share it ^.^
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    I am looking to add an economy plugin to the server and this one definitely fits the bill. I would, however, like to see a price ceiling and a floor implemented. I know this plugin is dynamic and that is one of the things that drew me to it but at some point the prices will become just too outrageous. Is there a way to incorporate an optional price floor/ceiling so that if a quantity becomes too far out of line I would not have to keep re-configuring either value or mean quantity? Also, I saw this idea in another plugin so maybe you wouldn't want to use it for fear you might be accused of coping, but I liked the idea of dynamic pricing based on how quickly an item moves. For example, there is very few diamond swords left in stock which has raised the price to say $50,000. If the item "sits on the shelf" too long as it has become too expensive to purchase, allow the price to be adjusted so that the item is "priced to move". In other words, kind of like a sale. Again this could be an optional configuration rather than being fully implemented.

    Please keep in mind that I have not yet actually downloaded or installed the plugin yet. I am just scouting for ideas, however at this point in time your plugin is at the top of the list to be chosen as our economy plugin. If these features already exist then let me know, it will only strengthen my decision to choose your plugin, but if not, I hope these suggestions can be useful in making your plugin, hands down, the BEST!

    Please and Thanks,
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    I'll add ceiling and floor pricing to the todo list.
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    The next version should fix this. Let me know if the problem disappears. It should be released somewhat soon.
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    Maybe a Dummy Question, but how do i remove a signshop? If i create a signshop, i.e.


    i cant remove it with any item in game...
    Surly, i am op!
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    Try destroying the block the sign is placed on.
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    Sorry for the slow reply. Just crouch and left click it if you have the hyperconomy.admin permission.

    I need to fix that. :D I suppose most people WorldGuard them anyway.

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    Thanks for the Info. Needed this cause we're (4 admins on our Server) Developing a Market Hall and i have to show my mates how to build shop-signs. By the way, great Plugin. I love it
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    Hello. Firstly from what I've read this seems like an amazing plugin and is just what I am looking for for my server. But what I'm wondering is if there is a way for the amount of a particular item to raise or lower depending on how many are in chests around the server. So, say there are 200 diamonds in [Buy] chests in my world. Instead of having to type into the 'global shop' can it just automatically determine how many are there and then change the price accordingly? If so that would be of great help because from what I have found so far by toying around with it I cannot do that.

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    Is there a way to make chest shops with an other owner? For example that my chest shops have a lot of money (to make selling everytime available) and aren't owned by an ordinary player.

    I could give myself a lot of money but I want to play like an ordinary player too and I dislike the idea to give me much money only because otherwise the selling won't work, because it's player money amount related.
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    I thought about making it that way when I was designing the chest shops but I decided to keep the chest shops separate from the global economy. I could potentially add that as an optional feature in a future update. The reason I decided to keep them separate is just that it takes away a lot of the advantages that chest shops have over the global economy. For instance, say you want to sell diamonds from your chest shop. The moment you place a diamond in the chest, the price of diamonds will decrease. This encourages only placing 1 of each item in the chest shop at a time, which is rather pointless as it will be a pain to keep restocking the chest shop with a single item constantly. I figured that it would be easier to just use the global price but not affect it. But having the items in chest shops change the global price is something I might add nonetheless.

    Not currently, but I could potentially add a "server" chest shop that gives money back to the main economy account.

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    That would be great!
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    I'd thought it was intended when I couldn't find another way to destroy the signs. I suppose I missed the crouching part when I was learning how to use the plugin.

    If I could ask, why is the list of items for shops an "unavailable" list rather than an "available" list? I prefer to manually edit my configs, and going through a list of all enchantments and items to delete things I'd like to have in the shop doesn't seem very efficient. I already know about the /additem <itemname> <shopname> command, but I can't seem to find a way to actually get a list of items currently available in the shop without finding what is missing from an extremely long list or using the /browseshop command for every letter in the alphabet. (Please correct me if I'm wrong about this.)

    Also, thank you for the awesome plugin. I do really like this plugin and hope you continue to update and improve upon it.

    Isn't that basically what the plugin does anyway with the normal signs or buy/sell commands? The only difference is that you aren't using a chest.

    It would be amazing if Server chest shops were added that had items in them that reflected the current amount of Stock.

    For example, you create a chest with a sign above it that shows it's a Server chest and that it trades Stone. When you open it, it shows stone blocks and, if possible, the amount in the chest correctly reflects the current amount the server has on hand.
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    Thanks. An improvement for adding/removing items from shops is something that I'll be adding next. The problem goes both ways. If the list showed all available items it would be quite difficult to determine which items were unavailable. I'm thinking I may do something like have both an available and unavailable list that update each other when the other is changed. The main improvement will be item categories, however. Such that you'll be able to do something like /removecategory [shop] [category] and the categories could be something like ores, bricks, stone items, diamond items, etc. The categories will be player configurable.

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