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    Gold2Economy v1.4
    Download: Dropbox | GitHub
    Source: GitHub
    Requires: Register & a supported economy | Permissions (Optional) | SuperPerms (Optional)

    Tired of having to sell things to a server to increase your monetal holdings? Then tire no more! This plugin allows you to convert the gold ingots (and now supports iron ingots and diamonds) in your inventory to a configurable amount in any economy system supported by Register. Permissions support is available as well for those that are looking to control who can and cannot use this plugin!
    Previous Changelogs
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    • Added support for converting iron and diamond
    • Added new permission nodes
    • Added new configuration nodes (Delete your previous config.yml and let the plugin generate a new one)
    • Added SuperPerms support (Permissions still supported)
    • Added new nodes to the config file. Again you'll need to let the plugin recreate your config file by deleting the config and starting your server
    • Minor bug fix
    • Added BOSEconomy support
    • Changed permission node from Gold2iConomy.use to Gold2Economy.use
    • Changed permission node from Gold2iConomy.admin to Gold2Economy.admin
    • Re-wrote the config handler (You will need to delete your current config file if upgrading from anything less than Version 1)
    • Major bug fix when using /gi all
    • /gi-reload is now /gi reload
    • Added /gi to show conversion rate
    • Added /gi all
    • Colour coded response messages
    • Minor bug fix

    • Added Permissions support
    • Added OP only support if Permissions is not detected for the /gi-reload command
    • Fixed bug where typing anything but a number would cause an internal error and nasty error mesage
    • Added /gi-reload
    • Added /gi
    • Initial release

    I hope this plugin is useful to your server and would also like to add that this is my first plugin. I made it because I could not find anything that did this task and needed it for my server. I decided to release this for public use because I found it very useful. Any feedback and/or bug reports would be greatly appreciated.
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    Did you check the new API Section? If so it should have all relevant info. If not let me know and ill get with Cosine to make sure it gets updated. Also some scope of why your trying to call that would help since I can convey that to him easier.
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    thx u fixed my problem
    i checked my permissions and found out i had messed them up real bad compared to some youtube videos i watched and now it works
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    Hey, I made a sign with [command]
    /gi all
    when I click it with gold ingots nothing happens, please help, my people in the pvp server needs money
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    This feature is from this plugin.

    Enjoy it.
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    Does typing the actual command work? If so then there's nothing I can do I'm afraid.
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    Yea that works, but I want it on a sign =[
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    Well then you'll have to get CommandSigns working. I haven't implemented this feature into my plugin.

    Edit: To make CommandSigns run the command as if the player was typing it you MUST add an @ sign after the / in the command line so it would be:
    /@gi all

    Quick question. Is the lack of support for PermissionsBukkit preventing you from using this plugin?

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    does the gold just disapear or can u configure it to go to a world bank?
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    It just disappears
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    hy !
    this is a great plugin that I want to have on my serveur but when I wrote something that bebin with /gi, no matters what I put next sto that, it allways show me the same text, the help text. does it commes from my computer or does it comes from another plugin ?

    and could you make the possibility to exchange anything else than gold, like iron or diamonds ? (but still could exchange gold)
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    Do you get any errors reported in the server console when starting up and/or when you type /gi 1
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    ok this is realy weard ...
    I tryed it again and it perfectly worked ....

    I think I know from where it comes, I tried to launch my serveur but it tells me iconomy don't load and then when I retry it after loading wamp, it works ... maybe you could make something so that if someone try to use gold2economy, and have no economy plugin loaded it put something on the screen, no ?
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    It already does that
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    oh really ? ...
    maybe you made an update I haven't see. or maybe I was juste like : "OH, this could be awesome, I'll read the description latter"
    well I don't know...
    anyway this plugin as the plugin that I was needing
    (and still need ^^)
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    UPDATE: New version added. Now supports SuperPerms. If you're updating YOU WILL need to DELETE your current config file in Gold2Economy folder.

    Please post any bug reports or suggestions :)
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    Very nice plugin used on my server to be able to provide my players with funds.
    I do have a suggestion,
    as some of the members have pointed out - they've valued the gold ingots more after the addition of powered rails etc.

    Is it possible to add, for example, iron ingots aswell to be able to trade in?

    I know this is easily established with a fullfledged shop plugin, but this is much more convenient and leightweight.
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    As mentioned by previous poster, can you add so we can configure ourselves what to turn into currency?
    I would like my players to turn in diamonds as well. But better yet, make a config file where we can add what item ID we want to convert, into X amount in BOSeconomy/iConomy.
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    Seeing as that is the most requested feature at the moment it looks like I'm going to have to conform :p So I shall add that to my to do list.

    That is too complicated for this plugin as I want this plugin to be simple to use and it's config free of clutter. Nothing is more annoying for server admins than to have to do heaps of configuration when it could just be plug and play. I could make a seperate plugin for that for more advanced server admins to use but it would basically be a server shop and there are lots of different variations of shop plugins readily available. I may or may not make such a plugin.

    Version 1.2 is nearly finished and will include support for converting iron and diamond! Conversion rates will of course be configurable via the config. Permission nodes will be changing so you can control which players can convert what.

    I've re-structured a lot of the code and was hoping I could get someone to test before I release it. PM me if interested

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    Very nice, thanks a lot for including these two options as well!
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    Yes diamonds! I was thinking my post got ignored :( :)
    Sending PM.
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    Awesome, I appreciate the effort - keep up the good work Ed. :)
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    UPDATE: Version 1.2 is released

    In this version I have added conversion for iron and diamonds.

    There are new configuration properties so again, please delete your current config.yml prior to starting your server and let the plugin regenerate a new one for you. You can then alter the configuration and use /gi reload to reload the configuration.

    The permission nodes have also changed:
    • Gold2Economy.use has been removed
    • See the original post for the new nodes
    • Gold2Economy.* already includes the new permission nodes (SuperPerms only)
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    Perhaps if a converting item is set to false in the config, have it not show the rates for that item when you do /gi?
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    Will do :)
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    Plugin supports latest recommended build 1060. No need to re-download.
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    Just thought I'd say, amazing plugin. I was going to do this ;)
    I have a few ideas though - I don't see a need for 3 currencies - there should just be a "major" and a "minor" currency. "Dollars" "Cents" "Diamond" "Gold" etc but have those major/minor be configurable :)

    I'd be interested in helping you out with your plugin by coding this for you if you like
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    Thank you :) Means a lot coming from quite a respectable developer :D

    I'm not quite sure I understand...or if you understand. This isn't an economy system, but rather a conversion tool to allow you to change gold, iron or diamond into virtual money in iConomy or BOSEconomy. If I'm misreading you're idea just let me know :)
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    That's what I mean.
    Rather than having it be specifically "gold" "iron" or "diamonds" and having nodes for them - remove the concept of that.

    I propose something like this:
       major: 264
       minor: 266
    multiplier: 2.0
    permission nodes
    So 1 unit of "major" currency == 2 economy dollars or whatever.
    Similarly 1 unit of "minor" currency == 2 economy cents or whatever.

    Also if you're not using Register already - why not switch to using it? It allows you to support all 4 virtual economies.
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    I did think that's what you meant. I'm not sure if that would be exactly what my users want and also I don't think everyone sees gold and iron as having the same value. Nice suggestion though and it would be easy to implement but the same effect is achieved by just changing the config values for both to be the same so I'll leave it at that for the time being :)

    Edit: In regards to Register; I did plan on using that for my next update but I don't really like to rely on external libraries/APIs that's why I haven't used it.
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    Alright - I may work on making my own for my server then as that's something I quite fancy.
    Nice work again :)

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