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    CraftBay - Auction off your items:
    Version: v1.1.2

    An auctioning system that allows players to put their items up for auction and bid for them. After a set amount of time, the highest bid wins. Payment is handled by your server's economy system via Vault.

    • Players can auction off items from their inventory
    • Bid for items with your in-game currency
    • Live notifications about auction activity (players can mute it)
    • Third party chat plugin support
    • Spam protection: Suppress messages when people spam bids
    • Custom message/language support
    • Admin commands to moderate auction activity
    • Auction history for in-game review
    Source Code
    BukkitDev Page


    This plugin requires Vault as well as an economy system that is supported by Vault.

    Intended use

    Despite the wide availability of shopping plugins, an auction is still the best way for auctioneers to achieve the maximum price for their goods by reaching a broad audience and having them duke it out. Experience shows that especially valuables such as diamonds or very rare items such as enchanted tools and armor can make for a very intense and exciting fight for the highest bid.

    • /auction This command will always direct you to an overview of your current options.
    • /auc An alias for /auction that works with all of the below
    • /auction ? Get help
    • /auction info Display information about the current auction
    • /auction bid [amount] Place a bid
    • /bid [amount] Shortcut for /auction bid
    • /auction start <item> <amount> [starting price] Auction off an item
    • /auction hand [amount] [starting price] Auction off the item in your hand
    • /auction end [delay] End the current auction
    • /auction ignore Ignore broadcasts
    • /auction listen Receive broadcasts
    • /auction history [id] Review past or queued future auctions
    • /auction cancel [id] Cancel your auction
    Admin Commands
    Admins have additional commands to get more information than normal users, moderate the market activity, auction off spawned items or stimulate the economy by bidding for items on behalf of the bank.
    • /auction log [id] Display auction log
    • /auction bank <item> <amount> [starting price] Auction off spawned items
    • /auction fake <title> [starting price] Auction off a fake item
    • /auction bankbid [amount] Place a bid on behalf of the bank
    • Query information about the current auction
    • Place bids for auctions
    • auction.start Start your own auction
    • auction.admin Perform administrative commands.
    How it works

    Every player with the appropriate permission can start an auction for any amount of items in his inventory. The easiest way to go about this is to auction whatever he holds in his hand, but item name or ID, amount and starting price can be specified as well. If everything is alright, the auction will be publicly announced and the plugin will claim the item and start accepting bids.

    Placing a bid means declaring the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item. After the auction times out, the participant with the highest bid wins, but all he has to pay is just enough to beat the second highest bid.

    The result of this system is that sniping, that is overbidding by a small amount in the last second, becomes very difficult. Also players don't have to worry about placing an unnecessarily high bid when nobody else is interested in paying nearly as much. They can just declare the maximum amount right away and be guaranteed to pay up to that but no more, and only as much as is necessary to win. Also, nobody else will know about it unless they bid even more.

    Find an example of how it works.


    CraftBay will announce the start of any auction to online players and notify them about changes of prices or winners. This functionality necessitates a way of ignoring broadcasts, which comes out of the box. But this plugin also supports third party chat plugins. If your server uses any of them, their use can be activated in the configuration file. Currently supported are Herochat and ChannelChat.

    Fun facts
    • This plugin always takes care of proper stack sizes when dealing items.
    • Multiple items can only be auctioned if they have identical damage values and enchantments on them.
    • A cancelled auction or one that ends without any bids will return the item to the owner.
    • If items are handed over to a player with a full inventory, they will be dropped where he is standing.

    This plugin is loosely based on iAuction by rob4001. After installing it I found that it did not quite do what I wanted or not in the way I thought it should be done, so I reimplemented most of it and applied many structural changes.


    Version 1.1.2
    • Add seperate announcement message for auction start
    • Fix cancelling queued auctions properly
    Version 1.1.1
    • Make countdown configurable
    • Catch error while loading auctions file
    • Fix issue with Spout players
    • Rearrange help output
    • Fix reloading tag and chat plugin at config reload
    Version 1.1
    • Remove custom logfile
    • Remove confusing 'h' shortcut for "hand" subcommand
    • Add auction queue for future auctions
    • Add auction history for past auctions
    • Remove "admininfo" subcommand
    • Add "history" subcommand
    • Make auctions survive server restart
    • Add custom messages, localizations
    • Add auction fee (flat) and tax (fraction of starting bid)
    • Make colors configurable
    • Add denial for starting auctions in creative mode
    • Add cooldown for players starting auctions
    • Log auction activity more detailed
    • Add /auc log command for admins
    • Make short item information more elaborate (say Enchanted)
    • Make short item amount more intuitive (stacks, chests, etc)
    Version 1.0.2
    • Fix ChannelChat
    Version 1.0.1
    • Check Herochat permissions
    • Add password support for Herochat
    • Make amount for bank auctions optional
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    finally, someone who knows how to format submissions posts properly
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    Why thank you, sir. :)
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    Will be giving this a go on my server, will stop players from spamming the channel saying they're selling something :p
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    Nice plugging trying it now
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    Very nice will try this weekend!
  7. Would you be able to make it less 'spamy'? With 50-60 players on my server, the auctions spam the chat a ton, even with the ignore command, most people wouldn't know to use this therefore my players get really annoyied :(
  8. This plugin uses a ton of RAM, it was using about 4-5gb on my server. Would you be able to fix that?
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    Yes, I am working on making it less spammy.

    I seriously doubt that this ram is occupied by my plugin ;)

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    The new update is out. It has the spamprotection option in the configuration file, specifying the minimum delay in seconds between two bidding notifications. If you are still on board, please let me know how it is working out for you. ;)
  11. I definately am, I'm gonna add it to my server now. Thanks!

    After a while of testing today, I found one problem. The countdown towards the end of an auction is now 5 seconds, before it was 3 seconds. This creates a lot of spam and is quite major on my server. I would want no countdown if possible, this could be configurable in the config file. Thanks.

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    Done :)
    The option is called countdown and expects a list of the final seconds. In your case this would be "countdown: []"
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    I try to translate, but if you change one letter of the normal (en_US) of an error and returns to the default
  14. Thanks for that quick update!
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    You can't edit the default language files; you have to make a copy. The process is explained on the configuration page in greater detail.
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    can you put a few signs down like a huge wall of signs and do /cb sign and it will display the auction on the sign and the time and who is selling it and who is winning the bit and the items and the amount and people click it and put how mutch money they wanna put in
  17. I removed craftbay today to investigate my lag issues. While I did have craftbay, I noticed that the ram went up while there was an auction on. Would this be an issue? My ram is considerably lower with craftbay removed.
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    While this surprises me and I cannot reproduce it anywhere, excessive memory usage would definitely be an issue and I will investigate. How much ram does considerable mean?

    A very intriguing thought. This will not happen right away since it would be a whole new subsystem, but I am planning it for a future release.

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  20. 1gb and if there are constant auctions this would rise.
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    I lol'd so hard when I read fun facts.
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    Haha. Thanks, I guess ;)
    If nothing else, you made me go back and read them to find out they were outdated. Auctions aren't canceled on server restart anymore.
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    I'm glad I could help :p
  24. Could you add a feature to allow people to see the durability left of something e.g. a diamond pickaxe?
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    The durability of the auctioned item is displayed on the /auc info screen.

    I guess this as good a time as any to make some optimizations. I cannot account for the 1GB since this plugin doesn't really keep many data around; it comes down to items and player names. Nevertheless, I might have something up my sleeves.

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  26. Oh, sorry.
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    Olá, não sei se tenho permissão, mas eu Traduzi seu plugin para o Português PT_BR. Mas não esqueci de dar totalmente os créditos ao desenvolvedor(Você).
    Obrigado, o arquivo está anexado a resposta!


    Hello, I do not know if I have permission, but I have translated your plugin to Portuguese pt_BR. But do not forget to give full credit to the developer (you).
    Thank you, the attached file is the answer!


    Thanks, and credits for You.
    My Nick is ReiTrovBR.
    Plugin Manager.
    Java Editor.

    Attached Files:

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    When i put the .jar in my plugins folder and then run it, i don't get a config folder! Help? :/
  29. I noticed a typo. When you auction "ghast tears" it says "ghost tears".
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    I have a server with me and some freinds, and i am woundering how i can let default players start auctions and make bids, please help

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