[ECON] Currency v0.6.1 - Nothing extra [1.1-R8]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Coelho, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Moved to releases.
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    Love the separated plugin. It definitely will make my life easier :p

    Will there be Vault support?
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    Hopefully! I know this is a necessity for myself and a lot of others.

    0.2 CurrencyCore released along with 0.2 CurrencyBasic.

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    I'm really hesitant on supporting it. Not sure why another plugin is necessary for economy :-/

    In fact.. Why didn't you just write the Ruby Script to hook Vault instead of your own specific econ plugin if people wanted to alter commands at runtime? Seems like a better idea, people don't have to hook your plugin, but they can run your scripts with any economy. Which is really the only major benefit this has going over other econ.

    Despite that I'm a bit confused why people would need/want to change commands on the fly for economy things. I guess I don't really understand what benefits this actually has over well... a year of Economy plugins that are well established.
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    I wanted the CurrencyCore to have no commands at all making it nothing you wouldn't want. It's simply the ideal economy without any edits. The CurrencyBasic hooks onto it in attempt to make it usable for the player, while also being scripted and easy to edit.
    I believe that no other economy plugin currently does this as they have a load of features built in that I will never use. Thus, comes Currency, which is stable, easy to use, and lightweight.
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    as if to say that the others aren't already stable, easy to use and lightweight? it's just odd to me.
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    Easy to use meaning it instantly sets up with no configuration required, while lightweight being it has no dependencies (other than bukkit of course) and the fact it has nothing you wouldn't need in the average economy, and stable being as given, stable.

    CurrencyCore simply just stores the data for the accounts, and that is all I believe is needed in an economy management plugin, as stated in the original post. No other plugin does this and only this. That is the reason I created this: I didn't want my economy plugin to do anything itself and just store data. It would only do anything if other plugins interfaced with it.

    I did exactly that, and that is what makes this economy plugin unique compared.

    CurrencyCore v0.3 and CurrencyBasic v0.3 released. Shouldn't be any more API changes, as this change was just due to myself missing something in v0.2.

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    CurrencyBasic v0.4 released. Fixes how /currency balance <player> would only return the balance of yourself.
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    5000 People

    i think im going to stick with the major currency plugins that actually have other plugins supporting it >.>
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    Any plugin that uses Vault supports Currency. Plugins that use Register or a single economy plugin are outdated, and you should not use them anyway. I'd have to agree, some are a necessity though.
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    CurrencyBasic v0.5 released to address an issue where sometimes (I have no idea why), CurrencyCore would load after CurrencyBasic. Made CurrencyBasic softdepend off of CurrencyCore, and if CurrencyCore is not enabled when CurrencyBasic is, it starts a listener.
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    CurrencyCore v0.4 released.
    • AccountManager.removeAccount(String username) is now deprecated. Use AccountManager.deleteAccount(String username) instead.
    • All economy interactions are now placed in a queue and completed on a different thread for guaranteed concurrency (which was an issue on larger servers).
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    CurrencyBasic v0.6 released.
    • AccountManager.removeAccount(String username) is now deprecated. Use AccountManager.deleteAccount(String username) instead.
    • /eco is now a new alias for /currency.

    CurrencyCore v0.5 released.
    • Removed deprecated AccountManager.removeAccount
    • Updated to new EventHandler
    • Fixed interrupted exception when server is stopping.
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    Phantom Index

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    CurrencyCore v0.6 released.
    • AccountManager.getAccounts is now deprecated. Use AccountManager.getAccountList instead.
    • Added Map<String, Double> AccountManager.getAccountBalanceMap
    • AccountQueue sleeps for less time to prevent a pending query from blocking.

    CurrencyBasic v0.7 released.
    • Makes use of Map<String, Double> AccountManager.getAccountBalanceMap instead. This is a huge increase in performance as opposed to the old method which would potentially crash larger servers.
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    CurrencyCore v0.6.1 released
    • Recompiled to work with the latest builds of bukkit
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    CurrencyBasic v0.8 released.
    • Updated to 1.1-R6, please use the latest RubyBukkit
    • Bugfix: Getting your own balance "/currency balance" from console no longer works, as it used to throw an exception. It now notices you that you didn't use the correct syntax.
    • Addition: Stats now shows the Total Accounts in the database.
    • Removal: CurrencyBasic will ALWAYS initialize after CurrencyCore, no need for a listener.
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    CurrencyBasic v0.8.1 released. Bugfixes.
    • Fixed using the removed method boolean CommandSender.isPlayer()
    • Fixed /money stats formatting the Total Accounts as a currency amount.
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