Inactive [ECON] BOSEconomy v 0.7.3.a - iConomy Replacement! [ 1.2 - R5+ ]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by riuthamus, May 29, 2011.

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    Fixed up the first post to have some of the missing things from the original. Sorry for the long wait with those.

    Confirmed working with 928!!!

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  3. Download link?
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    yea,where is the download link? lol
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    I deleted my groups.yml, can you post a default one since I lost the documentation on it?
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    Come on... please i really need this awesome plugin i was waiting for update and now there is now download link :(
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    Download link.... Don't make me use iConomy while I'm waiting :p
    Also I like the idea of setting up banks, any suggestions for easy to use plugins? I had my eye on one but it disappeared form the list :(
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    Our apologies for the lack of a download link. Some changes were made to the post and I guess the link got deleted. Here is the link to BOSEconomy 0.6.2. I'm sure Riuthamus will update it next time he's online.
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    Sorry for that, I added in some information for people making plugins to interface with it and somehow it removed the download part of the post. I re-added it. Thanks for the heads up on it.
  10. ta!
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    Yay! Thank you thank you thank you!

    Wow this is so easy to use, adding brackets was a breeze and the auto pay is lovely. Thank you.
    Also I pinched your feudal system bracket names :rolleyes:

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    Rofl. I think no one owns them, other than say, the ancient feudal people who came up with their society. Sounds fun!

    Can always add burghers (shopkeepers), tradesmen (craftsmen), foresters, archers, fishermen, etc. Scribes sounds fun once Notch adds functionality to books and shelves. We just have way too small a server to add things like that to.

    I have to thank @riuthamus too, again, as I just updated the server, and this has got to have been the easier server switchover since 740. Your plugin just works. Was easy to see where info was and what files to move.
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    First off, a big thank you for making this! We've been having lots of fun actually giving values to blocks in the RP maps on my server, and it's all thanks to you guys/gals who put this plugin together. I know a lot of people on the internet just complain, so I thought I'd say thanks from all our players!

    This idea is probably a bit hard to implement, but basically, is it possible to make seperate economies per world or set of worlds?

    We have two different RP maps on our server(running with multiverse), the inventories are seperate and the values of things, along with how players earn money, are also seperate.

    The only problem right now is that players RPing in one world carry their economy money into the other world. It makes RPing in the two universes a bit weird, becuase some of us might be, for example, a rich store owner in one world and a brave but broke adventurer/explorer in the other.

    It would be really cool if someone could write up a plugin for BOSEconomy that split the money each player owns by what world they earned the money in. World groups would actually be even better, so nethers, subdungeon worlds, ect can be part of the "universe" in an RP realm and share money. So going between those world maps would keep your econ money, but leaving the realm for the other RP style place would make you switch to the other money along with the inventory swap. This could also be used to make both a creative and survival map have seperate economies, for example.
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    To make the plugin even more lightweight and improve performance for its already amazing performance can you make it utilize MySQL? Or is it already MySQL ready?
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    Firstly this is great and i would love to know the plug in name for the mini map on the video?
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    can you add the plugin essentials 935 please?

    Thank you in advance koiman59
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    What do you mean... essentials is a independently made plugin which uses its own econ system....

    Mysql is not lightweight, although we are looking at adding it to further some of the tools you could use to work with the plugin. This is being talked about for the 7.1 version.

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    Verified, working with 1.7.2 craftbukkit release (953)
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    I am wondering can this Plugin be configured on a per world basis I am using Mulit-Verse I have 4 worlds and I only need a economy on one of those worlds not the whole server.
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    Right now, no but that is a good idea. I will talk to Cosine and see what he thinks... and how complex it is. We have most of 7.0 done he is trying to get the save process figured out. I hope to have it shortly but we shall see based off of what Cosine can come up with.
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    The plugin 'Residence' supports BOSEconomy. Just FYI.
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    Thank you very much if you can get it work that would be awsome !!!
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    Added it to the list, thanks for keeping me solid.
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    It's possible to give the permission of user to just use the command "/econ" for look the balance ? And not be able to transact with other player ?

    Just look her balance.
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    Hey there, i got a Problem with this Plugin i installed everything. And it works fine, but the one thing which is currently annoying i can use Brackets on Player also i setted up the bracket.txt etc. And after the ranks i posted the Numb3rs but if i give a Player a bracket, he doesn't recieve any Money. May you help me out of this Problem?

    Bracket.txt look like this:
    Herr 0
    Bürger 1
    Patrizier 2

    Given Rank to Player when joining Server: Herr

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    - Herr for main bracket
    - herr for default bracket.

    You also have online wages set to true. This means they ONLY get paid if they are online. If they are not online they will not get paid.

    hm... not sure on the complexity of this. I will ask.

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    When is the next big update coming? Just curious because I'm bored.
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    Well i can set the brackets, but my Player (also when they online) don't get paid i tested it with some friends gave them diffrent ranks, we was about 90 minutes on server. And ain't got paid. Why?

    Screenshot: KLICK

    Brackets.txt contains:
    graf 20

    so i should recieve a payment of 20 per hour, but nothing happends, it doesn't show me what my income is, it just shows up 0.

    Please help.
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    Post your files on pastbin, i need to see them as they are.
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    Removed the ascii character from the bracket file then try. Set your interval to 2 min for testing purposes

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