Inactive [ECON/ADMIN] PayForAccess v1.2.1 - Let users pay to get access to WorldGuard regions! [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    Let users pay to get access to WorldGuard regions!
    Requires WorldGuard and Vault for region and economy integration

    Visit the project's bukkit dev page:
    What is it doing?
    This plugin let users pay to get access to WorldGuard regions. For example: You have a region (like on a RPG-Server) you want the users to pay for to get the access for it. Just place a button on the wall (you can change the block type in the configuration file) and define it as a trigger. If a player clicks on the button he will buy access to the linked region if he/she has enough money.

    What do I need?
    Required plugins are WorldGuard and Vault for region and economy integration. For the regions you just have to define them with WorldGuard.

    How to create a paid region
    First of you need a WorldGuard region. If you don't have one, select an areas with the WorldEdit wand and define it as a region via the "/region define <region>" command. The next step is already the last one: just place a button on the wall, look at it and use the "/pfa create <name> <price> [region]" command. Name is a unique name for the button, price is the money the user has to pay, region is the name of the region the user will get access to. using the add effect command you also can now add permission and user groups!

    Version 1.2.1
    • Ability to add players as owners instead of members
    • New Effect: Execute custom commands as server/player
    • Optional maximum players per button
    • Bugfixes
    Version 1.2
    • Upgraded to 1.3.1 RB 1.0
    • Forget command added
    • Configuration reload command added
    • Much more stuff (like bugfixes)
    Version 1.1
    • Rewrote code on how to manage regions
    • Now also support user permissions and groups!
    • Some bug fixes
    Version 1.0
    • First release
    This is my very first official plugin and I hope you like it!
    You can download it on the bukkit dev site (link above)!
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    okay, thanks! fixed it :)
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    This looks great, will try it out.
    You could use this as a hotel thingy.
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    Nice, approved.
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    When i type in my command and press enter this messages come: "[PayForAcess] Error: Argument lenght does not match with function 2" pls help! [this Plugin is Great ;)]
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    IBlackHawkI Seems like you wanted to access a function with the name "2" that, of course, does not exist. please check your command again or upload to the newest version, i think there also was a little bug in v1.1 with that type of thing that got fixed.

    Also, I updated the plugin yesterday (version 1.2) to upgrade to the latest RB (1.3.1-RB1.0) and added some more features (such as forget players, better effect handling)
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    Can you add a permission so they can only buy a max of 3 plots for example so they don't own a whole apartment or city xD
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    Is there a setting so only one person can buy the plot? I want to use it so people can buy space for stores in a marketplace to set up their shop.
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    Ok thanks
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    Nice plugin, works nice with my server
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    New version: v1.2.1 - see changelog above or view the file on BukkitDev
    Thanks for all the support!

    I added a maximum player count in the new version. Just say "/pfa select <name>" and then use "/pfa edit max-players <number>" to edit the maximum players - in this case use 1.
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    Any possibility you can add in a "rent" option? Or maybe its there and I'm just missing it?
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    What do you mean by "renting".
    If you mean it like a player will loose access after a limited time, this is being worked on and should be in the next release.
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    I've been looking for an active plugin like this for some time. I presume the rent goes in some economy plugin's currency like every single plugin of this type. If so, can you make it that it goes in some item? For example, the cost being 10 emeralds that get removed from your inventory (without installing economy plugins).
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    I think you just could install goldismoney (and set it to emeralds), but I can look into this if you want :)
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    Thanks, I wasn't aware of this plugin :) However, it would still be a nice addition in PFA for some of the future updates :D
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    I don't know if you have known it but this is the official document for requests:
    I will always write there what I am working on and what has been requested :)
    A future update is already in place - but just an auto-updater would be boring, I am currently working on that renting stuff ;)

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