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    MoneyPlugin - Dynamic updating sign shop plugin
    Version: v1.2.0
    This plugin dynamically updates the server's prices based on supply and demand every 15 minutes. Alternatively type /update and all updates will be carried out. Firstly Admins must create signs with the following formats (OP).
    After that it will auto format the sign to look a little something like this:
    To buy from the sign players will walk up to it. Right click to buy. Left click to sell. To set the amount you wish to buy/sell type /mpbuy <amount> or /mpsell <amount>. This number must be 1-64.

    Setting up the config (Example):
    Firstly, The cost is self-explanatory. Volatility is the amount of item taken to raise the price by 1. For example to make it for every 10 gold sold, the price increases by 1, set the vol of gold to 0.1. At the moment this only supports 1 world so set the Main world name you will be using (Important). Make sure YML Syntax is correct also. With Redstone it does use the letter 'E' letter; that is standard form for Java. NOTE: When using wool the name of the item will be wool:5, for example in the config, however it will give you/take coloured wool of that colour.

    If you want it to round the values to 2 decimal places then set general.round to true. If not keep it false.

        sand: 0.002
        gold_ingot: 0.1
        iron_ingot: 0.02
        wood: 0.002
        bread: 0.02
        coal: 0.01
        redstone: 2.0E-4
        diamond: 0.5
        stone: 0.002
        gravel: 0.002
        wool: 0.002
        cobblestone: 0.002
        gold: 0.09
        sand: 3.001606754820753
        gold_ingot: 48.882349394893374
        iron_ingot: 29.60657217536589
        wood: 1.8320634123489719
        bread: 40.05814351429468
        coal: 6.17622104377436
        redstone: 0.16269527322892108
        diamond: 405.98151403369127
        stone: 1.5037704391671132
        gravel: 2.9393868282252025
        wool: 10.005385513029024
        cobblestone: 0.9979789336217647
        gold: 70.0
        world: world
    • Make a sign shop
    • Choose how much you want to buy/sell
    • Auto-Updating prices
    • Choose your own prices

    • Set the auto update time - HIGH
    • stack number on the sign to buy or sell instead of manually typing in the amount - LOW
    • MultiWorld - MEDIUM
    • New features - LOW
    Download (You need iConomy too)

    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.2.0
    • Coloured Wool support
    • Changed onEnable message to something more 'normal'
    • Bugfixes
    Version 1.1.1
    • Gets your currencies actual name instead of Dollars.
    Version 1.1.0
    • Rounds all values to 2 decimal places if you want
    • Bugfixes
    Version 1.0.0

    • Releasing my plugin
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    it sais choose your own prices so is there a way to make it so that every thing is set to 0.00 and that the price stay's the exact same, ive been on servers with plugins like this and the economy can get so bad that 16 sand=1 diamond
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    Technically that should not happen because of vol. If you still want to do this set the price of the items to 0.0, set vol to 0 too. If you want prices to stay same use 0.0 vol.
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    i see what you mean now, do you have default setting for every items or raw material? because it sounds like a pain in the ass and im lazy as of right now, i love the idea of volatility though.
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    Yes. There is a default setting hard coded in which is used when it auto-generates. But these are not entirely correct(as to say) and therefore you might want to change a few around a bit.
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    that sounds perfect, thank you for the support, i really appreciate it :)

    the plugin isntr working for me, i cant say /mpbuy or /mpsell or create signs and i am a op/admin
    the config file and everything else is in there, i deleted and redownloaded but still nothing i also
    have iconomy

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    I've just tested it out on localhost and it works fine.

    Are you getting any console errors? Try running just the plugin & iConomy, will it work? What other plugins are you using at the moment.


    Did you check the config for the worldname. By default it is é (long story). If it is not changed the plugin will auto-disable. If you haven't changed it, that might be your problem.
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    that probably it, lol that is a fail on my behalf

    what does sign not registerd mean?

    BUG: i got it to work but sometimes when you sell the item it still stays in your inv, you cant sell it but you can still place it.

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    Are you saying it thinks you don't have the item, when you actually do?
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    im saying that i already sold the item and i got the money, but the item is still in my inventory and i can still use it. i still have the item after selling it but i cant sell it again
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    Oh I think i got it. After this happens re-log and see.

    Re-download - is fixed (I hope).
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    bit of constructive criticism, it would be nice if you could get the plugin to limit the decimal places as i find sa 21.894314684 a bit too much, what would be better is if it was like this '21.89'
    im new here but i love the work everyone dose and keep it up
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    Added to todo.
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    ChestShop Plugin is the same as this except u can set a price and amount to buy/sell and its fixed and u can make infinite shops too, supports multiple Economies (although the title does say iconomy 5)


    Great work :) and i like how its flexible prices

    good initial realease :)

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    No. It is not the same. Firstly this is a GLOBAL shop, owned by the server and not a player. This NEVER uses chests, at all. One item = One Sign. Also stock is infinite (for now). I am not sure if chest shop can dynamically update the prices (A lot of work went into that feature), but this can based on supply and demand.

    I think it's quite unfair to say something is the same as something else, when you clearly haven't even explored all these features. PS: I have never in the past looked at ChestShop's source code.


    Thanks for the praise above.
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    This plugin looks great, after the prices are rounded to 2 decimals I will be using this plugin for my server shop! I was wondering if there is a way to add the stack number on the sign to buy or sell instead of manually typing in the amount? Thanks!
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    Feature added guys. Just set general.round to true to round.

    ATM You have to type /mpbuy 50 to buy a certain amount. I'll add that to the todo list.
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    Thanks for implementing my 2 decimal places idea and thanks for doing it so quickly

    keep up the awesome work ;-)
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    No problem.

    Thanks once again. Good to know someone appreciates Plugin Developer's work!
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    ofc one more thing my currency isn't dollars is there a way for it to read the iconomy config file or an option to edit this
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    Will try to make this in the next update.
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    thanks a million
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    How accurate is this? I want to use this on a very large scale server. Do you see any problems in the long run?
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    Problems that I sometimes encounter are signs unregistering themselves sometimes. I don't know if this is global or just to my server (If anyone gets this tell me). This is the formula used:

    Old value + (Amount sold/bought * Volitility * Random number from 0.8 to 1.2)


    to be even more accurate you might want to not round the numbers to 2DP

    Done in V 1.1.1

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    legend once again THX
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    that is fine but i dont want to have to use chests, and this plugin has realy grown on me. not to meantion the fact that hoddie54 has been incredibly supportive with bug fixes and help on how to use this plugin. thank you any way though :)

    great idea, it'd suck if someone accidently had /mpbuy set to 64 and bought 64 diamond lol

    is there any way to add more items, it'd be nice to be able to sell glass, pistons, glowstone, wood (not planks), and different colored wool. thanks :)

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    Glass/Glowstone/Pistons should be able to be done in the config. Just add glass to items.glass and vol.glass and it should work.

    Thing about wool is that it works kinda funny. Whitewool - sure. But I am not sure about wool with colours because to change the colours the "damage" of the wool is changed. I might try to add wool support soon (It might still work if you do 35:5 or something, not sure).
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    i think your mistaken :eek:

    with ChestShop

    you set prices per sign there is no global

    you can use chests to limit item availability

    you can use a chestless shop (admin thing) thats infinit supply/disposal

    in config you can chosoe to have an account gain/lose money to simulate a shop based on profit and loss

    or just have money from nowhere/goes nowhere

    i did not mean that your plugin and ChestShop are the same i should have worded my post much better sorry

    but there are heavy similarities,

    and for aidanhd500's needs i felt ChestShop was suitable since it has no dynamic prices feature (that i am aware of)

    altho the Zero price thing may be an issue for ChestShop ( i think the dev coded a minimum price of 0.1 units)

    sorry if i mislead anyone or sounded like a troll :eek:

    ChestShop running chestless example: (users can set up their own shops using a chest as the container for the items exchanged. chestless shops are only alloed for OPS, or set in PERMISSIONS)




    ChestShop has addressed coloured wool with DV's 35:12 etc

    if your trouble is actually serving the correct item maybe give chest shop source code a peek or somewhere else

    *sounds like chestshop pusher :eek:*

    hope im not offending you but certainly you can learn some things from ChestShop based on the similarities if you dont want anything to do with ChestShop thats your choice :)

    your welcome and no problem, thats your choice

    my last words on this to you though are that ChestShop runs Chest-less as well as with Chests

    the name is Misleading i know but the function is there

    and i can see Hoddie54 is a very supportive dev and wish them well in there plugin :)

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    Thanks. I myself had never used chestshop & therefore didn't know of these features. Initially this plugin was just made for my server, but I decided to release it to the public. I will continue to work on it, as long as it remains feasible for me. I'll see how bukkit handles wool and hopefully update it soon.
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