Tutorial Easyer way to make custom head-blocks

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  1. Hello

    I found this tutorial a few days ago:
    But i cannot answer there, so I made a new thread.

    I found an easyer way to get such head-blocks, that works in Minecraft 1.13.2 too:

    First follow the tutorial in the link to the first part of step 3.
    Once the skin for your head-block is uploaded to your Minecraft game-account, open this page:
    You will find two text-fields.
    put your Minecraft-name into the top one and the name for your head-block into the bottom one.
    Click the "Create Give-Code"-button and you get a preview of your block (if you make a block from your favorite player-skin, you can save that picture and use it as an avatar in Minecraft-forums) and two text-fields with codes.
    The left one can be used in Minecraft 1.13.2.
    But it´s too long for the common ingame chat.
    So get a command-block (/give @p command_block) and place it anywhere.
    Right-ckick it and fill your give-code in the text-field there.
    Attach a button to the block (sneak and rightckick) and rightclick it to receive your own custom head-block, that you can place anywhere in your world.
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