Easy rank plugin (without restarting the server)

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    I would like a plugin like this: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admin-inactive-rankpunch-v2-fast-way-to-rank-people-798.14455/

    • Where it works with permissions
    • Where you're able to do a command like: /rank [player] [permissions group]
    • Not have to restart the server to update the groups
    I know it's possible because of the rankpunch plugin, which has become inactive sadly. To make me happy you could simply update the Rankpunch plugin to bukkit 830 or 928. You can get the source code for rankpunch by simply decompling the .jar on the thread. Thank you so much if you're able to do this :)


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    Daniel Heppner

    A) No need to restart the server, just use /reload.
    B) The new Permissions 3 already has this.
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    Oh, how can I do this with permissions 3?
  4. oh even better. PermissionsPlus.
    go from /some super duper long command that sucks if you mis-type one thing
    to /promote user
    herp derp :D

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