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  1. So firstly I want to sorry about my english skills and post category, but I found that would be the most proper one, because here are the plugin ideas and I need to have some opinions about this idea that I found to be really helpfull for me and maybe you. It's also my first thread on this forum plz don't kill meee...

    Plugin category:

    Minecraft version: Must work on newest

    Suggested name: MarkupGUI

    What I want: So, for me, creating GUI's using minecraft chest GUI was very painful, so I got an idea to make it easy. The idea is simple - use markup language to generate chest GUI's, for example:

    <block col="3" row="5">

    Add legendary sword

    Gives you legendary sword

    give @p minecraft:diamond_sword{
    Lore:["\"A legendary weapon\""]
    } 1


    would make an GUI page with single block that when the player would click it, it would give him diamond sword.

    Most of the commands require some arguments to work, for example: ban <player>

    This could be fixed with more advanced onclick command parser:

    ban <player>

    Command with <player> argument would be executed:
    - user clicks block
    - command parser looks at the command for <> tags
    - finds <player> tag
    - command parser opens another page with player list
    - user chooses player and the name value returns into command parser
    - command parser executes command ban playername, player gets banned

    The sites needs hyperlinks, easy command will do the trick:
    openpage addsword

    What you guys think about this idea? Is it worth writing? I personally believe that it would be awesome and it would fix mess with this hacky GUI's written in bukkit and make the code much cleaner, also everyone would be able to make his own page for any plugin he wants without writing any java code whatsoever, just a simple browser and pages.

    When I'd like it by: As fast as I can write it. I feel that I have skills to write it but idk about time, because of school exams all over the calendar.

    Found plugin like this, don't post if you can!

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    Maybe mark as filled if you've found a solution to it?

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