Easy Bukkit Auto Installer (Bukkit 1.2.5-R1.0)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by moocow847, Apr 7, 2012.

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    The fastest and easiest way to set up a craftbukkit server !
    As i know myself it is difficult and confusing when trying to set up a Craftbukkit server so i have created an installer for craftbukkit !

    It automatically installs all the files for a craftbukkit server !

    It also keeps your bukkit upto date using NoFear13's CraftbukkitUpToDate plugin

    Please download the one for your version of windows

    Downloads have been removed craftbukkit they will be back soon

    The installers will be updated everytime there is a bukkit update for people that are using it first time but you wont need to download a new one every time there is a Craftbukkit update because of NoFears13's plugin

    Once installed just go to the folder that you installed all the files , then open 'Start Server.bat' and your server will create a spawn and check for any bukkit updates.

    This is my first installer so i am sorry if there are any problems but there should'nt be.

    Any ideas for the future ? just post and i will read them all :)

    Any questions just post

    Future up dates:
    • Use bukkit GUI
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    in server folder u put

    and in bat u put


    anyway some kids will come here say something about to dont download ur installer cause it can have viruses and say something about redistribution and than they will lock ur post

    and if u really want to make something easy than use bukkit gui instead of bat files


    and next time dont put bukkit jar in folder just give link to download page with it
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    Oh sorry about the .jar mix up :(

    Ok ill set up a different download now.

    Thanks for advise it helps :)
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    Does not run, says "cannot find path"​
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    Are you sure you downloaded the right one for your operating system ? 32 or 64 bit ?
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    You cannot distribute CraftBukkit. Links have been removed. If you wish to set something like this up, you must have your script download from dl.bukkit.org (or repo), and it would be submitted to dev.bukkit.org or the Bukkit Tools section.
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    where are the links to download i cant download it from here! :(
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    I cant find the links to download?
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    If you look at TnT's post you will see why there is no links .......
    Im working on a download script as we speak so it should be up soon :)
  10. What is the WWW Address to download them?
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