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    Putting up pictures on walls can be a tedious task when you're trying to get one specific picture up because whatever shows up is chosen at random.

    What's more obnoxious is worlds can glitch out paintings when doing some basic editing to them or migrating and whatnot. If you have a large amount of paintings on your server then it can be upsetting for all of them to disappear.. and it can take a long time to put up a good 20+ when you want certain pictures for each of them.

    Now we can hope that Mojang fixes this bug eventually.. which will do wonders for this issue but even after it's fixed it'll still be a bit of work to get certain pictures on the wall.

    Would it be possible to make a plugin that simply makes paintings cycle in a set order?
    An interface that opens up would be nice, but I'm sure that's more complicated to implement.

    If the paintings just cycled then even that would make it so much easier to put them up because you wouldn't have to be hoping for luck. You'd click a few times and get it.
    It'd save a lot of trouble.
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    There is (or at least used to be) a mod that let you scroll your mouse wheel to change the picture. I don't remember the name but I think it was developed by Edward Hand
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    That'd work I guess.

    Anyone know the name? I haven't had luck at finding anything.
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    It's called PaintingSwitch and sadly it is inactive but I can probably decompile it and get it working with the latest build.
    I'll try to get it done tonight, otherwise I won't be able to do it for maybe up to a week (boosting my specs :D).
    EDIT: Done, works without any bugs, as far as I can tell. I'll upload it now and you can ask for more features if you want, I'll try to get to them tomorrow.
    EDIT 2: Here's the link to the thread: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/edit-paintingswitch-scroll-through-paintings-950.24604/
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