Solved Dynmap: Multiple Perspectives on a single map

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DiscoMcDisco, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Hello folks,

    I've been playing around with this, and thought the solution would be in setting up multiple 'maps' for the same world, setting to a different compass point for each. That would render out all the perspectives (if I've done it right of course.)

    The issue is I can't seem to create these 'maps' in a way that will show in the right-hand nav bar.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    This is a pastebin of my config, with just the map configs in it:

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I have a feeling I'm missing something fundamental in how the Worlds.txt works/gets configured..

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    Ok, so I ignored trying to figure out how to manage worlds in config files and spent a bit of time getting my head around mappadd/mapset...

    This process worked for me, bear in mind you can adjust your chat settings to better see all of the output, and don't forget the new chat window has scrollback (about 50 lines by default, you can tweak this if you can be bothered).

    1) /dmap maplist <worldname>

    This will give you an output that contains all configurable fields for a new map. (prefix, title, perspective etc). This is most likely all defaults if you've not played with your config yet.

    2) /dmap mapadd <worldname>:<mapname> <copy the parameters from your maplist till you can't type anymore>

    i.e. /dmap mapadd DiscoMcPlays:HDmap_SW prefix:tsw title:"South West" perspective:iso_SW_30_hires icon:images/block_surface.png (this will be about it...)

    3) set additional fields (there will be some)

    i.e. /dmap mapset DiscoMcPlays:HDmap_SW shader:stdtexture lighting:shadows <misc>:<value>

    Remember, once you've used mapadd you then use mapset to amend or add configurable fields

    The bit that confused me was that a default icon wasn't set, and so on the map I had a black empty space on a black background so I didn't see this work apply correctly. Makes sure you set the icon: field when adding your maps else you'll end up being a muppet like me ;)

    Now it's working fine (with some rendering bugs along the way):

    4) Repeat with a new <mapname> for each perspective you want (i.e. SW, SE, NW, NE)

    If you've done the mapadd/mapset right and have your map open in the browser it should refresh to reflect the changes. That's a good indicator you've done it right :D

    Personally, this has ended up being a much easier method of making these changes than mucking around with config files manually (which I just couldn't get my head round at all, maybe now I'll be better at it but have no need ^_^)

    If people have trouble, I'll happily answer questions in this thread.
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