Dynamically Clone Worlds?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MrTwiggy, Feb 1, 2013.

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    Just wondering if there is any way to dynamically create and delete copies of a world. I want to create a gamemode where players are put into a pre-set world (naturally generated), where they can destroy blocks and such. Then after the game is done, delete the world, create a new copy (of the original world) and be able to teleport players to the new refreshed copy of the world.

    Is this possible? Preferably with MultiVerse, but if not, anything is fine. Just so long as I can handle it from within my plugin, and I don't have to manually be copy-pasting world folders to get it to work.
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    Well presumably you would have to get them off the world else you will have errors unloading / deleting it.

    If you want to rely on Multiverse, you may just be able to delete the world's directory, duplicate another directory under the name of the world, then execute "mv import [name] normal" via console.
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