Dyed wool resetting to white

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by zipzapzen, Jan 22, 2011.

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    We can hold it as different colors but the second we place it, it turns white. Was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or has suggestions? We're running the latest versions of bukkit, permissions, essentials and colorcloth.
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    Me too. Idk why though
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    my wool did this when I was using hMod 134++ AKA kMod
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    Shouldn't this go into Discussion and Support?
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    Moved to appropriate forum.
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    While I thank you for your experience with this, I did state at the beginning that I'm not running that.
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    Ohh sorry wasn't really paying attention to the post ^^ just had a human reflex to blur and post :)
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    No worries :). I do appreciate the insight. I'm just a little boring/serious sometimes. Comes across wrong.

    Figured it out. It's because you ran general plugin then removed it for something better.

    Reupdate your server to the latest minecraft version and reupdate bukkit to the latest version, problem solved.

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    i never used the 'general' plugin, but i'm using essentials, guestbook, permissions, worldedit and worldguard, and i just now updated bukkit, essentials, permissions and worldedit and dyed wool is still turning white when placed (as it was before i updated yesterday).

    oh nevermind, i didn't actually update bukkit (craftbukkit). now all is well.
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