Inactive DUPLICATE - [MECH/GEN] GraveRobber v1.8.1 - Persist Inventory, XP & Level After Death [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    GraveRobber - Persist player inventory, XP and Level after death.
    Version: v1.8.1

    An event listener that will persist a player's inventory and XP/Level (death penalty applied). Equiped items and inventory are restored to their respective slots upon player respawn. There is no requirement for commands or premissions; simply copy the plugin jar file into your plugins folder and start the server!

    • When a player dies and re-spawns, they will maintain their current Level
      and XP.
    • When a player dies and re-spawns, all items that were in the inventory
      at the time of death will be restored.
    • When a player dies and re-spawns, all equipped items that were in use at
      the time of death will be restored and equipped. - No requirement for
      special permissions.
    • When a player dies, a percentage of XP is removed as a death penalty and
      the level adjusted accordingly. This scales as the level of the user
      approaches 50.
    • A sign-post is left on the block that the user died upon showing the
      date/time and death message.
    • Player drops are removed from the world after being assigned for restoration (avoids possible dupe issue).
    • Equipment Durability:
      Easy Mode - all items are restored to full durability.
      Normal Mode - all items keep their existing durability.
      Hard Mode - all items are broken.
    Known Issues
    • No known issues reported with CraftBukkit 1.2.5 R-4.0
    Reporting an Isse
    • Please refrain from emailing issues directly to, I really do not want to see your problems end up in my spam folder by accident.
    • Plugin use issues/problems, please post to this (or the appropriate plugin resource on BukkitDev).
    • Source code, forking or contribution issues, please post to github repository issues:
    Download the plugin from
    v 1.8.1

    Past Builds:

    Grab the source code from

    Version 1.8.1
    • Updated SIGN_POST text to become more readable.
    • Updated outdated version information.
    Version 1.8
    • Initial public release of GraveRobber Plugin. Be gentle with the comments :)
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    theres no need to make a new thread when you update your plugin.
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    Just following the plugin submission guidelines; where it states you should have the release number within the thread title. Which is something currently not editable. :D
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    It is editable, check Thread tools near the top right of the title.
    Can someone please point me to the old thread?
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    Is there anyway to remove the signs?

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