Filled Dramatic Teleportation.

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    EDIT: This plugin is finished and has been coded by Mike724! Thanks for your help!

    Hello there!

    What I want, is when a permission node is given to a player,
    (e.g - dramatictp.*)
    and a command is used to toggle the effect,
    (eg. /dt on & /dt off)
    the player will explode when they teleport to a player, or location
    (where they are standing and where they are teleporting to, causing no damage to terrain, players, or mobs)
    and the sound file "travel.ogg" (from the /.minecraft/resources/newsound/portal file, again, at the to and from locations)
    will be played and heard by all players (including the teleported) within a given radius
    (preferrably 30x30x30, it would also be convenient if you could allow players to edit the radius in the config file, but this is optional)

    If you find it too hard to do the effects at both the "from" and "to" locations, just do the effects for the "to" location.

    Thanks in advance,
    SparkyJJC ;)
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    This looks similar to what you're looking for: TeleParticles
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    This doesn't seem too hard to do. If someone else isn't already up to it, I'll give it a shot.

    Edit: Never mind, stealth2800 found a comparable plugin
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    The particles on that plugin are not exactly what I want, and it does not seem (through looking at the example config and description of the plugin) that you can custimise the sounds or particle effects.
    But you are right about one thing, this plugin is similar to what I requested, just not exactly how I want it ;)


    That would be most pleasing, and appreciated, Mike ;) Will give you credit if you are up to it!

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    If you have Skype/AIM can you PM me it?
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    Sent PM on dev.bukkit containing the skype name.
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    Here you go. Please feel free to leave me extra things to add.
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    I was already working on it... :confused:
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    Ah sorry, feel free to do your own version I'm sure it'll be better than mine.
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