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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by tmoflash, Oct 23, 2014.

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    I am starting a new server FTB TPPI and so far I have been able to get the plugins to do what is needed. I also have set up an enjin account with the EnjinToBukkit and EnjintoMinecraft plugin. I was also able to set up a donation store on the website but I am confused on how to get it into the permissions.

    I am using essentials I am also using permissionex. I have Vault installed as well. I created the kit and was able to purchase on the site but how do I add it to the permissions naming scheme.

    Also, on the delay: xxx how to I set it to be permanent for ranks and such?
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    Woops, sorry about that eyamaz.
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    OK, I was able to get the store working. I created a kit and even a group and was able to get the kit and moved to that group specified. So I went ahead and built out all my kits used this parcer for both essentials and permission.yml and all seems happy. However, I no longer am recieving items. It moves me to the group but not getting any items from kit purchased in store (I was before i.e. iron kit). Here are the files. I know that spacing is the usually the known culprit, but I have gone over it and just not seeing the issue (hoping to get another set of eyes). I have confirmed that both essentials and PEX are loading.
    Here is the pex permission file patesbin

    Here is the essenstials config file pastebin

    Thanks in advance
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