Does craftbukkit download the server files?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Raphfrk, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Was just wondering. It seems to just start :).
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    it IS the server files.
  3. Oh so minecraft_server.jar is no longer required ?
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    Hmm, so craftBukkit is an implementation of the server? It isn't just a wrapper around the official server?
  6. well then i hope we won't have the same situation as we did with hMod when a new minecraft update is out :S
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    Notch has said he will have Test builds and Release Candidates before releasing it to the mass, which means unless you go download the Test builds and release candidates, SMP server software will work, and the developers will always get time before release candidates to update their stuff.

    So its up to notch keeping his word during beta to find out if we will have those 2-3 day long downtimes after each big update :)
  8. we all know how that went in the past :p
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    So, does that mean that the class files in craftBukkit are actually the ones from the official download?
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    yeah , im 90% sure
    i think they are the same and then in the other folder in jar (i don't know the jar i don't have it)
    there is bukkit
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    You'll still have to wait for them to update craftbukkit from what I understand. Dunno how they do that at the moment, considering craftbukkit has all the obfuscated class names changed into real ones.
  12. ah, okay. thanks for the info.
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    claudio skala

    I was wondering where i downloaded craftbukkit. Im really wanting to know. pm me plz on how
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    Read up here.
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