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    Request: Local ban system
    -Flatfile or MySQL
    -Keeps the following information on each ban:
    +Username banned
    +Who banned
    +Time limit :)D)
    +Total # of bans.

    If you want an idea, think SourceBans for the Valve Source games - that was a great system.
    I can't seem to find any like this, if you know of one please point me in the right direction - I'd really appreciate it! :)

    PS: I don't plan on using MCBans, I'd rather a local ban system.
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    MCBans does local bans...
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    Oh, I must've..missed a lot of it. I checked the FAQ on it and thought it was all centralised on their global banlist. I should've put in a bit more research.

    Does it document the person who banned & have a time-limit for the ban?

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