Do you give your mods /tp

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by wachnlurn, Sep 22, 2011.

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    If so can you list the reasons a moderator would need to use /tp?
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    To be able to check upon suspected dishonorable conduct.
    To jump to the location of reported grief, so they can use the block logs to see who did it (and to judge if its grief at all), so he/she can take appropriate action kick/tempban/ban/notify admin.

    I'm not letting my mods walk across a 3000 block diameter map to do their job.
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    I run a pvp server and for the most part, I believe if someone can grief, cheat, lie, steal, kill etc. Then that is either intentional or really no ones fault but my own as the owner. Then i have to determine if the fault was my own due to a misconfiguration/misimplementation or a dev that advertises a plugin can do this or that but it doesn't. A moderator imo is someone in game who can moderate chat, and possibly offensive structures (ex. a swastica). Or answer questions about the server. An in game admin would be more along the lines of rollbacks, determinations about bugs and other technical things.
    Im just trying to find the line between players and staff. Is a moderator a player or a staff member or both? Some moderators want to continue to play and others seem to just want freemode. If they want to play i shouldn't be giving them things they can use as advantages. And if they want to be free to do as they wish i have to separate them from the crowd somehow. Maybe i need to make a staff only world :confused:
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    Can you list the reasons a mod would not be allowed to use /tp?
    (I cant imagine having mods with no tp)
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    yeh i also give them vanish and the ability to read pm's in chat so they can spy on ppl, its helped alot with griefers, its also pretty funny to catch those who grief bc they cant see you, and we usually drop a lava bucket on them or something, one time there were a group of greifers stealing items from other players unlocked chests and taking it back to theirs, we stole all of the stuff out of their chest and they started arguing back and forth blaming each other, then we dropped a bucket of lava on them and banned lol
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    ok a mod that wants to continue playing the game as any other user:

    Why would he need to /tp to someone?
    If its to determine if someone was able to bypass protections somehow, he would also need access to lb or bb commands, or there was really no use of having the mod there in the first place. I mean i should have (some!) trust in a moderator, to not use this to an advantage, i dont know why i would allow anyone actively playing the game to do rollbacks though, so i would still have to have either myself or a highly trusted admin whom is removed from the gameplay, arrive on scene to do a rollback.

    If it was to determine if someone was using a client mod to get past any server security...they would also need invisibility or god or risk losing a number of things: inventory, health power, stats, whatever the case may be. Thats just asking for a bunch of people to claim the mod was using those powers to his or her advantage in pvp or to locate hidden chests etc. Plus i believe for nearly all the pertinent client mods we have at minimum a report of the action, otherwise there simply is no way to prevent or log it currently. Xray protection? spying on a user to see if they are xraying? cmon, thats crazy how many false positives is that going to bring up? Item dupes? anyone smart enough to find a dupe is probably smart enough not to make it obvious to someone around them whether he knows they are there or not.

    So for what other reason would a player need to actually see with his own eyes the action taking place or react by being present?
    Faction protections on the server are pretty solid, if you let someone join your faction and they grief or steal well thats on the faction owner not my moderators responsibility to tell you who did it. If i really wanted to i could give the whole server the ability to use /lb tool or whatever, wouldnt that be interesting :D

    Why I wouldnt want a regular player to be able to tp to someone?

    A. False (or true) claims that the moderator used tp to his advantage. Then i have to decide if i trust my moderator enough to alienate a player on an individual basis, due to the claims the player made.

    B. Once they get there they need protection right? so they need /god or ability to turn pvp off or invisibility, thats more unchecked power.

    So i decide ok if you want to be a moderator you cant participate in the core gameplay. Now i have to find an alternate means for you to continue enjoying the game or you'll probably quit right? A separate pvp world just for moderators and admins? :confused: Now i have to recruit 10 or so more Staff members so you have someone to play with.

    Well for the time being i think i can get away with giving /tp, disabling the mod's ability to participate in pvp and and giving some logblock permissions. So now i have to provide a separate means of allowing them to play and since i wont be creating a separate world just for moderators anytime soon ill give them protections individually with a set limit, and remove their ability to participate in the economy, say goodbye to expecting any donations from a moderator unless its out of goodwill and the love of the game, that he cant even play to its fullest.

    Im not disgruntled even if my very long post seems like it. :p Just want to come up with a solution that works best for me, my users, AND my moderators.

    NOTE: I apologize for my grammar, its very late.
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