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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TheGhostlyGhost, Sep 12, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Misc

    Minecraft version: 1.14.4

    Suggested name: Realdice

    What I want: I'm looking for a plugin that can calculate dice rolls similar to those used in tabletop rpgs. This has been done a few times in the past, but either the roll system comes with a package of other plugins or it's too simplistic.
    - A config where I can edit how many blocks the dice roll is broadcasted out to, if this is not possible than just a 30 block radius would be great.
    - The results of the dice rolls being displayed in dark purple.

    Ideas for commands: /roll xdy (or xDy) + adb + z

    x= The number of times to roll the particular dice (defaults to 1 if not imputed.)
    y= The number of sides on the dice, can also be a number for which a physical dice does not exist. (Ex. d5)
    z= modifier, like adding/subtracting a certain number from the total roll.
    adb = The ability to add or subtract separate dice rolls.

    Here are a few example rolls

    /roll 2d4+3

    "User has rolled a 2d4+3 - (2+3)+3 = 8"

    /roll 1d6+1d10+6

    "User has rolled a 1d6+1d7+6 - (6)+(4)+6 = 16"

    /roll 1d20+3d6-10

    "User has rolled a 1d20+3d6-10 - (18)+(11)-10 = 19"

    Ideas for permissions: Realdice.roll (Gives them access to everything.)

    When I'd like it by: Anytime

    Note - Something very similar has been done in the past, but the requester did not mention he wanted more than 20 sided or 6 sided dice.
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    Holy crap it's working perfectly! I cannot thank you enough.
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