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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by zamorak789, Jan 9, 2019.

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    There's a book series called the Divine Dungeon, wherein dungeons are sentient cores of creatures which have begun to create labyrinthine structures around themselves. They create loot as well as dangerous creatures and traps in order to lure adventurers in and eat them, allowing the dungeon to grow.

    I'm not well versed in the way of plugin creation, however, I have a basic understanding of what is or is not terribly difficult and ways to simplify things.

    So, there are already a million currency plugins, as well as plugins to buy blocks/items with said currency. Claiming land areas is also already a thing, as well as obtaining currency for killing players. So the following is proposed: Players apply to be a Dungeon via command and have to be approved by staff. They get a configurable amount of starting money to claim some land and buy items/blocks to make traps/mob rooms. Whenever a player dies in the claimed area the Dungeon gets a configurable amount of currency.

    Thus, enter a near endless loop of dungeon obtaining money for players dying inside and using it to make a more deadly/rewarding dungeon. Players will naturally avoid a dungeon without good loot so players would have to keep everything well stocked with goodies.
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    If I'm understanding this correctly, you basically just need a set player to receive payment if someone dies within a set region?

    As far as making the dungeon, keeping it stocked etc, it is really up to the player?
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    Could you explain this a little better without the context, what exactly do you want someone to make?
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