[DISCONTINUED][MECH] Repair v1.5 - Simple repair plugin [1000]

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    Repair -- The Repair plugin for your tools!

    NOTE: I'm no longer continuing this plugin. Looks like techfish500 is taking it over though!

    Give me a reason to go update this plugin more often!

    What is it?
    Repair lets you repair your tools!

    How to Install
    Simply copy/paste the Jar into your Plugins Folder.

    How does it work?
    Use the /repair command to repair your stuffs!

    Permission Nodes:
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    only one: repair.fix

    - Let it cost Items to do this

    Known Bugs:
    - You tell me ;)

    Download now!
    (CB 1000) --> link (v1.5)

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    Version 1.5
    - Fixed stupid something. That REALLY was stupid.
    - Items are totally disabled, they only caused errors.

    Version 1.4
    - iConomy 5.0 =D

    Version 1.3
    - Eeh, fixes?

    Version 1.2
    - Added Armour.

    Version 1.1:
    - Added the repair.fix permission
    - Added iConomy support (No item support yet!)

    Version 1:
    - Release

    I need money for my server, please [​IMG]
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    I think that's already in.. hmm..
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    Dont think so o_o

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    oh, alright.
    Gonna add soon I think then :p
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    I had three iron pickaxes. When I repaired one of them, two others dissapeared. Can you fix, please?
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    Did it? :O I'll go fix I guess.
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    Deleted user

    1. UPDATE PLEASE! (Update it to RB 1185 at least).
    2. Can you make a feature where when you left-click on a sign that has [Repair] on the top line, the item get's repaired?
    3. iConomy support?
    4. PermissionsEx support?
    5. Config?
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    With PermissionsEx it tell me, i have no permission to use it
    CB 1597
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    I know you said before that you would not create an auto-repair option but I would also like this option to be available.
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    *off topic* is it legal on this site to download a plugin and decompile then update it then recompile it so others can continue to enjoy it?
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    Well, for this particular plugin, no. But you could just ask me for the source, it's nicer ;)
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    Can I have the source so i can update it with new event system
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    Sure! Mind though, I already gave someone else the source aswell, he might continue it. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7365249/Repair.zip
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    ok but i may continue it too maybe him/her and i can work together on it? idk...

    o and also i know why it said you can only fix tools and armour because you forgot a }else{ after the things so that bug will be fixed shortly

    hmm it seems you fixed it... trying to figure out how too make the iConomy.getAccount/.hasAccount...

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    Use vault for money, I have been for some time now :)
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    yea im going to be using iConomy5 for the jar so it will work. so it will require vault or register. about to test it but can;t get the new event system working D:
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    Have you still decided not to carry on with this? Because, I really like this and would like to take it on!! I am a JAVA Programmer and think I can really push this on!! Please message back If you have decided! Thanks!
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    I think the [DISCONTINUED] tag says enough. You can take it up if you want ;)
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    Thanks very much!! I hope you dont mind, but just to make it clear to anyone else who reads this, could you please write a little note in the BukkitDev page or this thread, just to let them know I have taken it on??!?! You really dont have to if you do not wish to!, Thanks very much again, techfish!
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    Actually, this plugin isn't even on BukkitDev.
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    Thanks for putting the message up and thanks for the plugin! techfish

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