Disco/Rave plugin. (Makes cloth colors change automatically)

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  1. Ok so hey everybody, I just randomly thought of a cool plugin, and I can't make it myself since I totally fail. So here is the idea:

    Ok so, lets say I have a hotel with a "disco" room. And for example I have a floor made of red, blue,green and other disco colored cloth. But... sadly its still not very disco-ish. So for a plugin I would like something like you right click and right click again to select a cuboid area, then type some commands like for example:

    /setdisco (name) red blue green yellow (the red blue etc are the colors the area you selected would change into)

    That creates the disco area with the colors: red, blue, green, and yellow


    /disco (name)

    Activates disco mode.

    Disco mode explanation:

    So here is the main part of this plugin I would like, when you do /disco (name) and go into disco mode, I want the selected area to randomly change colors every second. So for example:

    [brickblock] = red cloth
    [water] = blue cloth
    [diamondblock] = green cloth
    [sponge] = yellow cloth

    1st second:

    2nd second:
    And so on, so again quick explanation, I want the selected cloth colors (in this example red, blue, green and yellow) to randomly flash throughout the selected disco area!

    This could make super sexy discos :D

    Thank you very much to anybody who is willing to do this for me (I bet lots of others would like this too)

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    Nobody... That's weird... I thought people would love having Minecraft Disco raves.

    PS: And yes, this was a shameless bump >:3
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    I'll do it, if I can learn how to store data. I'm new to plugin programming but I think I could do this, except that I'd need to somehow figure out a way to store data so you don't have to redefine the area all the time.

    Some other notes on the plugin:

    1. We'd need to add a start/stop switch for independent disco floors so they wouldn't cause lag when not in use.
    2. When running, the floors would be protected.
    3. When stopped, the floors will convert back to their origional colors. This is so someone can't use the plugin to get rarer colors. (blue wool for white)

    Or as an alternative to steps 2 and 3, the blocks can just rearrange so that you always have the same number and type of wool.
  3. Ohhh good idea :) And thank you very much. Good luck!
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    Bump >:3
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    111 views :) Lucky number! (Yes, this was a bump rofl)
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    If you want to make it easier maybe make it so that the floor only changes color if there is an entity on any of the blocks. That way you don't need a switch or command.
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    To Colecf: Couldn't you just store the blocks you used to make the cuboid, then recreate them on startup?
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    This has already been created... I think it's called RaveBlox.
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    Exactly, it's RaveBlox.
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    Too bad RaveBlox doesnt work on 632+
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    No one uses 632... stick to the RB to guarantee most plugins.

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