Disable/prevent hunger for visitors group permission?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by VsXrMv, Aug 6, 2019.

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    I am trying to find documentation on a line to write to disable/prevent hunger for a group: visitors. I do not want to use flags or regions.


    name: visitor
    - worldguard.build.*:
        value: false
    - worldguard.build.block.place.*:
        value: false
    - essentials.help
    - essentials.helpop
    - essentials.rules
    - essentials.tpa
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.acacia_door
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.acacia_fence_gate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.acacia_pressure_plate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.acacia_trapdoor
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.birch_door
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.birch_fence_gate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.birch_pressure_plate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.birch_trapdoor
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.dark_oak_door
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.dark_oak_fence_gate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.dark_oak_pressure_plate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.dark_oak_trapdoor
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.gold_pressure_plate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.iron_door
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.iron_pressure_plate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.iron_trapdoor
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.jungle_door
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.jungle_fence_gate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.jungle_trapdoor
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.oak_door
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.oak_fence_gate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.oak_pressure_plate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.oak_trapdoor
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.spruce_door
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.spruce_fence_gate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.spruce_pressure_plate
    - worldguard.build.block.interact.spruce_trapdoor
    - worldguard.build.entity.interact.boat
    - worldguard.build.entity.interact.horse
    - worldguard.build.entity.interact.llama
    - worldguard.build.entity.interact.minecart
    - worldguard.feed-delay
    - '&cVisitor |&7 ':
        priority: 1
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    Machine Maker

    I'm not sure you will be able to do it with just those two plugins. I can't find any permission from either of them that prevents hunger from depleting. (If you don't want to use regions and flags). Why don't you want to use regions and flags.

    It would be super simple that way. Set the global region to have the following flags
    /region flag __global__ feed-delay 1
    /region flag __global__ feed-amount 20

    That gives players a full hunger bar every 20 seconds.
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    The reason for not wanting to use region flags is because I want all other players that are not in the Visitor group to have their hunger depleted as supposed to while playing. I do not want Visitors to die since they cannot interact with anything except shown in the code above.
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    Machine Maker

    You can add a permissions group to a region so only they will be have the effects. Take a look at the add member section of this.
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