Disable Creeper Spawning at daytime

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ZderKi, Jun 14, 2019.

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    So i tried doing this multiple ways... either of them didnt work, any help please?

    long time = getServer().getWorld("world").getTime();
        @EventHandler(priority = EventPriority.HIGHEST)
        public void onCreatureSpawn(CreatureSpawnEvent event) {
            Entity entity = event.getEntity();
            if(event.getEntityType().equals(EntityType.CREEPER) && time <= 13000) {         
    this is what i've got so far...
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    The issue is that "time" is only set once, outside of the method you are using. Instead, move time into the onCreatureSpawnEvent.
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    tried that... they still will spawn after some time

    nvm i wasnt registering events in onEnable

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