Directly integrate a formula through a config file

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by silthus, Jun 7, 2011.

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    I already tried to google and find something about this topic but came up empty handed.
    How do I take a String from the config and make it into code so that it can be parsed as a formula?

    I have this method and I want to make the formula configurable but just cant figure it out:

    public int getExpToLevel(int level) {
            return ((((level) * (level)) - ((level) * 5) + 20));
    So basically I just need to give the user one variable in the config to work with (level) and I want to parse all the rest like brackets, numbers and signs.

    Any ideas anyone?
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    do you mean get the level from the file and make it an int so it can be used? I'm confused, but if so, just get the property normaly and go:

    int level = Integer.parseInt(string);

    and that will return the intiger value of the string:

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    No I am getting the level from a database.
    I want the User/Admin to be able to configure the complete formula so e.g.:

    Instead of
    ((((level) * (level)) - ((level) * 5) + 20))
    He would write:

    level * level
    in the config or :

    (level * 5) + 2
    And that gets parsed exactly like that into the method behind the return statement.
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    There are several math parser libraries available
    JEP and JBC are commercial packages but there are free trials available.
    So I think the best(and legal) option is JEPLight

    Of course you can also write your own parser
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    • Java has a built-in scripting engine for javascript you could use.
    • You could force the user to input the expression in reversed polish notation, which you can interpret VERY easily.
    • You could implement a shunting yard to convert an expression into reversed polish notation
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    Thanks for your tips. I ended up using JEPLight since it is exactly what I need =)
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