Diamond Ore can only been blown up by TNT

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    i would like to request a plugin that...

    makes a diamond ore cant be mined by pickaxes,but can only been broken down by blowing up a TNT near it. i hope the plugin will stay up to date.
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    Very interesting! this would also crack down on xray'ers
    i look forward to this plugin
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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    onlySelected -> if one or more of the selected blocks are in the explosion radius it will only break them and no other blocks
    TNTonly -> List of blocks which can only be broken with TNT

    TNTonly.break -> Break selected Blocks without TNT
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    thnx and sorry for late reply as i was not home,have u made the dev page for this plugin?? thnx :)

    the plugin runs very well!thanks

    can u add like a message whenever a person tries to break items in the tntonly list,itll say "you need to blow this block with a TNT" ?

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    thanks! keep it up to date and hope u can add the message when people try breaking the block :D
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    I uploaded the new version 19 hours ago but it still isn't approved... :confused:
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    your plugin works great! thank you so much! i hope it'll be approved soon!


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