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    Let's start off with my name. My online name is Xerfox, but you can call me Cole. I am the leader of this group and currently Co-Own, and code for a server known as FurbMC. I am 14 years of age, and looking for some people to help me out with big projects in the future. Below is the positions available, and below that, is future projects. All donations to the team will be divided amongst us, and sent directly to your PayPal. Before we get into the positions and projects, let's go over the requirements shall we?

    - Must be at least 13 years of age
    - Must be semi-talented in not only Java, but the Bukkit & CraftBukkit API
    - Must be a hard worker
    - Must be able to listen to your superiors

    For the last one, don't be too worried. That rule is barely used, and just means that you should act your age, and talk appropriately. What if we need to speak with someone about designing a custom plugin, and you are running your mouth about their "crappy spawn" or the fact that you can't have staff. If we tell you to stop, please do.

    Asking for a promotion is always okay, we are pretty chill, and as long as you are capable of it, you can take the spot if it's open. If other team members are disrespecting you, bullying you, or in any ways making you feel lesser to your group peers, speak to me immediately.

    Postitions Available:
    - Senior Java Developer (2 Positions Remaining)
    - Junior Java Developer (4 Positions Remaining)
    - Senior Web Developer (1 Position Remaining)
    - Graphics Designer (1 Position remaining)
    - Java Manager (1 Position Remaining)

    Future Projects:
    - AdminStuff - Admin Help Plugin
    - MineBook - MineBook...Like facebook, but on your minecraft server!
    - Classified - Three more plugins which are minigames, classified until you join.

    Are you interested in joining? Contact me on skype, or at my email! Thanks!

    Skype: The_Xerfox

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