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    Looking for 5 people to help develop a plugin. All of the information about the plugin and the positions available are below. Please keep in mind that you don't need to make a formal application request. Just inform me that you would like to take one of the jobs, tell me your experience and etc.
    Site Developer - Mainly working on website (Minebook) Need HTML and CSS experience. JavaScript and PHP would be nice as well. [TAKEN]

    Lead Developer - Will be working alongside me and the other lead developer. You will mainly be working with the site developer to be able to access statuses and profiles via in game. [TAKEN]

    Lead Developer - Mainly working on configuration, and the basic stuff alongside with me

    Co Site Developer - Be the right hand man of the lead site developer! HTML and CSS experience is required. I know a little but not enough. That's why I need you!

    Site Administrator - Need to have a little HTML experience. Just be randomly moderating the site.

    Although almost all positions are taken, if you have PHP experience, then add me on Skype because we can always use you!

    What Does This Plugin Do? Why So Important? - Let me tell you!

    Well let me tell you why it is important first off. It is extremely fun to be able to connect with friends, and be yourself, and being able to do it from your favorite video game makes it all the better! I have seen things like this done in the past like with the Enjin Site Plugin. Well let's get into it shall we?
    _____________________________________________________________________Features & Commands ~

    - Well on the site you create an account, with a username and password, get a confirmation link, and you are in! Then to link it with your minecraft account, you do a command such as ./minebook link <site username> | after entering in this command, it will send that user's e-mail that was set up when creating the account an email giving a verification code. Copy the code, go in game and do ./minebook verify <code>

    - Just like facebook, you can create statuses, upload pictures, create albums (we can use website makers for free and edit the code to our liking) and best of all you can add friends. Everytime you log into a server that has the plugin it will message you asking if you already have a minebook account and if so, to log in! ./minebook login <password> | From there it will inform you that your login was successful, and from now on you can do things on this server. You will get a list of servers that you are Booked with under your MineBook page that people can see. Informing you of your last login and such.
    - Being able to update your profile from the game is one of the key factors. We want to make it as simple as possible for the players to access. Once using the login command as mentioned previously, they are granted access to commands such as ./status check <username> (sends you a message telling you what that user's status is) or ./status update <text> updating your status and to confirm it, ./status update confirm.

    - By far the best feature will be friends and buddys. ./addfriend <user> <optional message> (Will inform the username that you typed, that you would like to be friends. You may decline it or accept it by doing ./declinefriend player or ./acceptfriend <player>

    Who Am I?

    I am Xerfox. YouTuber, Developer, wanna be gamer, and a great guy. I spend most time developing for server's such as my own and Queen kit pvp. I watch Breaking Bad, Tosh.0 and Family Guy. I hate racism and sexism, love to code in Ruby, and get along with most people :)
    Contact Information Below:

    Skype: The_Xerfox

    Best of all, the comments below! Thanks for reading, and until next time!

    Kind Regards,
    Cole Xerfox
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    I would really like to help you ;)
    I don't know HTML but java is my strongest side.
    let me know if you could use me :p
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    Wrong section, go to WIP/Development status
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    Jade Retired Staff

    Moved to correct section.
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    I'd like to hop on if the Java guys hop on. I have great experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, a little Javascript, jQuery, and jQuery AJAX.
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    Thanks :)
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    Jade Retired Staff

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    Awesome :) Well add me on Skype and I will see what we can do if we get a few more team members! :)

    Make sure to add me on Skype informing me of your skills, and that you would like to be a member of the development team! :)

    Skype: The_Xerfox

    I certainly could :) add me in Skype!


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    I can code HTML CSS and Java.
    This seems like a good project that can do well.
    Im willing to help.
    My Skype is West Dover

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    Since we are coding the site in CakePHP you will become a lead plugin developer :D Welcome aboard :) Add me on Skype

    Skype name: The_Xerfox

    We no longer need any developers because all of the spots are taken, but if you know PHP, you are certainly welcome and we may be able to use you a little bit :)

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    Bump...Could use yet a couple more Java developers! :)
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    I can help with Java work and stuff, as for CSS and stuff, no can do :p
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    This guy is asking for developers for a plugin not a server, so this belongs in the WIP/Development section like xTrollxDudex said. :p
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    Well if its not a public plugin and a open source project then it belongs in show of your bukkit server. Doesnt matter if its Minebook or anything else for that matter.

    Private developers = Show of your bukkit server
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    Again though, this thread is about developing a plugin, not plugins for a server.
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    Does not matter TnT
  17. I see you need one more admin. Before I offer filling that position, I'd just like to know how professional you're going to be with this. Are you programming it all from scratch?
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