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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Thanks I've been off the site for a while. I think I'll wait for 1.2.4 to come out and then rebuild my server. How will I know when the update is finally applied?
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    1.2.4 dev builds have been around for a while. ;)
    What update fully applied? You will know when it works. :p
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    :) thanks I'm just trying to find my way around and download the 1.2.4 server.

    ok I give where is the download for 1.2.4 (server)

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    Hey, im not sure but when i go to the download site which one do i download if i want the normal plugin for my server so people can log in with spoutcraft and get the cool mcmmo GUI and stuff?
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    Click here, click on the SpoutPlugin tab and click on the build # to download the plug-in.
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    Have you tried the latest dev builds? I believe that issue should have been fixed already.
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    Is it just me or does spout not want to work on the latest recommended build? - just checking, don't mean to sound like an rude impatient prick
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    You should read your log. ;)

    The plugin disabled it self due to the version check. The latest builds have not had their version changed yet, so the version check is failing as it's looking for 1.2.4-R0.1 instead of 1.2.4-1.0.

    You can simply disable the ForceCraftBukkitBuildCheck under plugins/Spout/config.yml and then start your server up again.

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    Thank you very much - i read the config and disabled it and tried to play but it wouldn't work - after reading that i looked in the config again and realised that instead of false I wrote "faslse" sorry - works perfectly :D
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    No problem. ;)
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    Without Spout, plugins would never be as sexy as they are now....
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    spout doesnt work with new build of bukkit 2126. Please advise... TY
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    Realy? But if i donate you? Can you crack this?
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    LMFAO I'll donate whatever he's donating plus $1 more so that you don't crack this.

    Although they won't. I don't see why you have a problem paying like 20 bucks for a game, people who come in asking for things like this should be banned -.-
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    Why you No donate to Notch and Jeb? It is called Supporting a game....

    Kids these days ;/
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    Guys, please, give me a link to the working Spout Plugin for CraftBukkit #2060 (Bukkit 1.2.3. R0.2)
    and please, dont give me a link to the
    I CAN"T find there a working one
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    I have a premium minecraft, ant i want have a server NO-PREMIUM with SpoutCraft...
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    No, support the game and buy it. We will not be "cracking" our launcher or game.

    It works fine. Use the latest dev build. I've been using the last few for quite a while.

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    Because you didn't read your log where it told you to that you'd to disable the ForceCraftBukkitBuildCheck because you're running an CraftBukkit version that it wasn't built for. ;)


    Search here are,, or our Plugins section on

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    ah, I will try it, thanks! :)
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    nvm i think i found but websites kinda difficult to navigate
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    This doesn't work because SpoutTrade doesn't even work ;[
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    How is it difficult to navigate? :p
    It has a plugin section just like here on the forums.
    Uses the same forum software and even the same theme.

    Then contact the SpoutTrade author. Nothing we can do about their plugin.

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    I was just sitting here like...the sites are pretty much laid out exactly the same way..

    Great work guys, keep it up!
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    Okay Thank you
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    Can anyone tell me what build of SpoutPlugin is Recommended for CB 1.2.4-R1.0?
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    Hanging around 32 fps with a GTX560M graphics card, figured it would be higher then that. however its performing much better.
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    There are no "recommended" for it yet, but the latest dev builds work.
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    so i got a question im looking at the downloads and im not sure witch one to get theirs Spoutcraf,SpoutPlugin,SpoutPluginAPI,Spout (Server),SpoutAPI,Vanilla. can any one shed some light as to what api is or witch one i should use for a normal bukit server?
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