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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Hi Spout devs,

    We are using LogBlock which requires Spout to run properly. Recently, Spout has autoupdated to build 339. After this moment, nobody was able to harvest snowballs. Destroying snow block or snow layer simply would not drop any snow balls at all. Downgrading to build 221 fixed this problem.

    If you need any more info, let me know. ;)
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    We fixed this in the latest dev builds
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    After using Spout dev build 353 (with LogBlock), I could not place stone block. They get removed from my inventory, but disapperead immediatly after being placed.
  6. I know but where is the TIMELINE for Minecraft Coder Pack for 1.8, googled and found found an old page for 1.7
    no info on anyone working on the new mcp.
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    They talk about it in the MCP IRC channel, there isn't really a definite time for release.
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    Anyone else not able to place normal stone blocks when Spout is turned on?

    We've only just run into the issue whilst building our new world and for some reason whenever the Spout server core is turned on, we can't place stone (item id 1).

    Ahh I see someone else has the same problem!

    But on my server we don't have logblock so that isn't the issue.

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    355 is the latest Development build. Update.

    The stone placement bug has been fixed by the latest development build.

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    Thanks :)
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    You sir are a genius. That is all.
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    Is spoutcraft updated for 1.8.1?
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    Does it say it is updated? Do the posts on this very page that say it ISN'T updated say it is updated? Why don't you tell us if Spoutcraft has been updated for 1.8.1, go ahead; I will wait.
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    The main thread link does not say anything about not being updated. If it was posted as a forum post and I missed it I am sorry but no need to be snarky about it. I was just following up on a request from one of our members to find out if it was updated. You sir should learn not to be an asshole.
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    I would apologize but I can't help it if half the people who run servers would rather waste other's time than spend 30 seconds of their own >.>
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    Marcos Cosmos

    You could help taking it so personally D;, CTFD man, tis all good :p
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    If you glanced at their bukkit dev page where ALL their downloads go now (inwhich they state this in their first post)...

    You will see the following under Recent Files .....

    B: Automatic updater exe for 1.7.3 <-- Not trying to be mean to darkcloud but if you even took the time to read their page...

    That is why the Spout Team and others are getting frustrated....
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    FYI, I just tried the latest dev build on a 1.7.3 server (Spout 355) and when I launched the server all of our natural cobblestone disappeared, basically destroying our entire map.

    Two questions,

    1. Are the current dev builds of spout server intended for 1.8.1 only
    2. Anyway to fix the now missing Cobblestone block issue?
  20. Can we get the Big Red '1.8: NOT YET, THIS POST WILL BE UPDATED WHEN IT'S READY. Asking may get puppies killed' at the top of the main post?

    I know it won't help, but I like big words in red. It gives me false hope that people can't possibly miss it.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    I concur!
  22. 1. I'm fairly certain that's the case, though I could be wrong. Spout works very closely with the base of -- well, everything bukkit/minecraft is.
    2. Backups, probably. I don't know exactly what happened, but I doubt there's an easy fix to bring back cobble, unless it's just visually missing but exists in reality, but I don't think that's the case.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Honestly, it's getting really spammy, and there's probably not much point to bug reports (& error logs) at this point. But could you at least make a new thread on bukkitdev instead of post it here? it's an eyesore.. ._.
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    It appears to be just visually missing. Water and lava reacts as if it was there but players fall though the open space.

    The errors the console is kicking out appears that spoutsrv tried to replace some of the block ID's. Perhaps thats the core issue that it replaced the wrong item. I can only hope that they post a fix to undo it. My backup is 3 days old.
  25. Have you tried reverting to the current RB, and/or logging in with a vanilla client, to see if this is a persistent issue? I would make another backup right now also, just in case the problem gets worse before it gets better.

    Edit: I would make the backup before reverting Spout even. Just in case.
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    Yes actually I did try that. Vanilla build of server, client, block were still missing.

    Build 357, once I got the server stable didnt correct the missing blocks issue created from version 355

    Did some further inspecting, any chuck data that was loaded with build 355 is missing all of the natural cobblestone, other area's that didn't load when we were on the 355 build for a few minutes were not affected.

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    Marcos Cosmos

    That makes sense. You really should edit the first post you made after the last reply though, rather than flood the page with whitespace and lolcats? ><
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    I will, where would I post this information so devs see it during editing?
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    build 357 seems stable enough.
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    dont say that!!!!
    my cat will spam the thread with requests for when will it be updated!

    sorry couldnt resist
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