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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    I tried Essentials, but it conflicts with too many other plugins I have. Any other alternative?
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    Commandbook is the first Essentials alternative that comes to mind. Not sure if it has /getpos though, I just know it has a lot of commands.

    Are you sure that /getpos isn't a Notch command?
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    If it is, it isnt showing up on my server either
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    Yes, it isn't implemented in the vanilla server.
    I'm using CommandBook now, it's an excellent and much more compatible alternative to Essentials! I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to know their position while using BukkitContrib.
    Thanks. :)
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    No problem I love commandbook too.
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    Lovely plugin. I can't wait for some of the upcoming features that will basically make it the Modding API that Notch keeps claiming will come out. Once the full GUI API is done, I'm sure that someone will make a Bukkit Contrib version of TooManyItems. Until then I'll keep making my own compatibility patches for it.
    Also, I noticed some stuff for Sun/Moon size was done. Could the speed of Minecraft time also be set in an upcoming version? It would help my RealTime plugin with its stuttering sky problem.
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    Keep in mind you are judging an alpha mod. Where I am at now is comparable to bukkit build 50. For those who don't remember, barely anything worked and it hardly had any features. The same is true here.

    Think: why am I pressing for GUI features so hard?
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    Sounds like my kinda thing, Jump right in and get the breath-taking features first ;)
    I may be wrong.

    Have you already updated your client mod? Might be that, if not, when and how are you getting kicked off?

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    both are updated, the server plugin and the sp mod.
    i'm getting kicked off as soon as i log in, it's client side.

    edit: it stopped kicking me, i'm going to run the client as java for a bit and see if i can get an error.
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    Odd, I was only getting that when client mod wasnt updated. Give that update another go maybe
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    i dont know if this should be reported but.. if we download all this does it replace the current mods already in the minecraft.jar? cause i cant seem to get toomanyitems to work nor the minequest bukkit plugin mod (discovery pack they just came out with) since both have files that go straight into the minecraft.jar

    also ^ i am getting disconnected from my server cause itll say "this server requires the bukkitcontrib SP mod! -link-" except i have the sp mod...and ive.. whatever patched it or used it twice.. and it was successful but it still gives me that.

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    This has been mentioned millions of times. This is not compatible with other mods, and this is 100% intentional.

    Does the server use any auth plugins?

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    well.. yes this one.. the config asks "force require sp mod" but the thing is why is it saying i still need it if i already have it.

    thank you and srry.. my brains fried and im trying to figure out how all this intertwines..

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    xAuth and other Authentication plugins break the Contrib stuff.
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    i dont have any authentication plugins.
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    Notch's modding api doesn't deserve the title. Basically, it's the unobfuscated source. Having the clean source will help Bukkit update faster, but that's it.
    I'm not too familiar with the code, and that's not really a priority for 0.2.

    Either you can wait for me to address it in 0.3 (months off...) or write a pull request for it yourself. As long as it's formatted reasonably, I'll accept it. I imagine you can utilitize the existing skymanager.

    1.) Good point.
    2.) I haven't gotten that far yet! The access to the main screen was given only accidently.
    3.) Yeah, this would be cool, but not a priority for 0.2. I want to get the GUI done! You can either write a pull request for it or wait for 0.3.
    4.) Read 3
    5.) Thanks!

    Post a copy of your server logs. When you try to log in, it will print to the server log whether or not it could authenticate your client.

    If you're having authentication issues, try the latest development build of the plugin. It should fix any authentication issues.

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    Is there anyway to enable those coordinates in F3 again? It's quite difficult to play without.

    Oh, and it doesn't seem to support 64x texture packs, does it? I tried downloading one, it always downloads like 13MB and stops. My texture pack is 21MB.

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    However, I will be adding full support for Zan's Minimap and including it in BukkitContrib. You will be able to allow players to use it or disable it with the server config.

    Likely a connection issue. I've successfully downloaded a 30mb texture, that was 256x256. It does support HD textures.

    However, I would discourage you from autodownloading super-large texture packs mid-game, switching to them is slow and not everyone on your server may be using a machine that can handle the slowdown from HD textures.

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    That's fair enough! It's looking pretty good already, had some trials with it and it looks like a very well thought through solution, looking forward to this like nothing else!

    This sounds good! I've taken a couple of looks, but having only had experience in Server plugins and server core edits, client is a bit lost. I'll poke about at it and see what I can find out.

    I'm always happy to see projects this impressive that take on user opinion. Alot of hope for this!

    Edit/Update : Looked some more at code. This could be QUITE fun. I'm not at all understanding where the client side comes up in the github code, but I'm still reading, I'm sure I'll find it yet.
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    @Afforess (cc: @MJE ) I'm still having the time-lag issue with the BukkitContrib v0.1.5. It does actually seem a little better, but it's still dropping to 10-15 tic/second. If I remove BukkitContrib, it runs fine at 20tic/sec.

    I'm not asking you to debug why BukkitContrib is doing this for me, since it seems your suggestion is that it's a conflict with one of my existing plugins and that folks who just run Bukkit/BukkitContrib and no other plugins (I guess there's a lot of people like that?) don't have this issue.

    However, since you were able to do something to tune it up previously, is it possible you have an idea of what could be causing the lag? Would it be possible to add an option for disabling whatever functionality needed the thread tuning? My primary use case for BukkitContrib at this time is the extended inventory API that LogBlock uses, I'd love to enable that functionality without adding the lag.

    Thanks for considering.
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    setGlobalSkin is acting weird, i am trying to set a skin upon join/ tp, but even with all people on server with the plugin, some people see original skin, some see the new one. logging on and off seems to change things.
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    I've got a problem with it, here my log:
    Connecting to localhost, 25565
    Reset BukkitContrib
    Set BukkitContrib v. 0.1.5
    BukkitContrib SP Enabled
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: xz.e(DDD)V
            at xz.o(
            at ls.w_(SourceFile:210)
            at gs.w_(SourceFile:120)
            at xz.w_(
            at fd.a(
            at fd.f(
            at fd.g(
            at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(
            at Source)
    I test it with a fresh minecraft-version(1.7.2)without any modification.
    i tested it with the automatic installer and also manually - but always this error !
    i did this with the right bukkit and also the BukkitContrib, but always this error.
    it would be fine if you can help me.

    I don't know if it's important: my sytem is a 64 bit win 7
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    Dont connect it to onPlayerLogin, connect it to BukkitContribSPEnable, That way they're sure to get the skins.
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    Awesome plugin but... I have a problem
    I tried so much stuff and don't know what to do. Now I have a clean minecraft jar and I install bukkit contrib client. I have alot of plugins (bukkit contrib there aswell) in my server but not any auth plugins. I log in eveything working fine but if anyone else logs in MC crashes... Server log:...
    ...2011-07-17 20:30:33 [INFO] BukkitContrib 0.1.5 has been initialized...
    [INFO] [BukkitContrib] Successfully authenticated Rex's BukkitContrib client. Running client version: 15
    2011-07-17 20:30:53 [INFO] Lubo [/] logged in with entity id 139 at ([Testing World] 57.70322323434301, 63.087709259412335, -26.36121232575269)
    2011-07-17 20:30:54 [INFO] [BukkitContrib] Successfully authenticated Lubo's BukkitContrib client. Running client version: 15
    2011-07-17 20:31:08 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-07-17 20:31:08 [INFO] Lubo lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    2011-07-17 20:31:08 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-07-17 20:31:08 [INFO] Rex lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    2011-07-17 20:31:08 [INFO] [BACKUP] Initiate a last backup because the last player left. It will start to backup in 60 minutes when no player will have connected in this time.
    Edit: I have patched MC for HD texture packs but they are already supported
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    I get an error that looks like this. This is taken from my error window. The server window shows no problems...


    Everything was fine until I reloaded my plugins. I had already installed and restarted it to get the plugin to work so idk why this messed it up!
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    the player sees the skin, but the other players do NOT see it, unless they relog, THEN they do
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    I don't suppose you can do a quick update for the packet length fix :)? Would mean that CraftProxy is finally compatible. Also, I added a pull that updates the world seed when teleporting between worlds.
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    Does the HD texture support also support the custom animation of lava,water, and portal like MCPatcher?
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