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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by BananaBiscuits, Sep 19, 2017.

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    @ZatoZalez I'd love to have this plugin if you could work on it for me?
  2. @timtower I'd say either bodies, graves or skulls + redstone dust can give different effects or theme, which is good for different things you're going for. If he's going for a grave feeling then graves, or a vampire/evil feeling then skulls... anyways I posted how to do it since he prefers bodies.
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    then I will give it a shot, expect it to be done by friday 11.00 CET
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    @ZatoZalez If you drop it I would take it up. Wouldn't mind, decided to come back to some minecraft plugin making. Glad to see only minor changes tbh. (besides item ids gone etc, but relative to other games, MINOR)

    But yep, if you don't mention anything friday, I'll get to work on it. :)
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    sorry this plugin has been completed, forgot to put it in fill, thanks anyway everyone
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