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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by DerET, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Here I will post configured and running servers so new users are also able to test bukkit.

    Step by step guide
    1. Unzip
    2. Open Server > ops.txt with a text editor
    3. Replace 'deret' with admin's name, save and exit
    4. Open Server >
    5. Replace 'DerET' with admin's name
    6. Open Server > plugins > Permissions > config.yml
    7. Look for
      replace 'DerET' with admin's name, save and exit
    8. Open Server > plugins > Whitelist >
    9. Replace 'DerET' with admin's name
    10. Open Server > plugins > Whitelist > whitelist.txt
    11. Replace 'DerET' with admin's name (You can add more names ingame using /whitelist add [player]
    12. Open Server > start.bat
    13. Server will create map and will be ready to use in a few seconds...
    14. Don't want to use the whitelist? Simply delete whitelist.jar in plugins folder :)
    Release 002 [2011-01-23]
    • Build #132
    • Permissions 1.8
    • General 2.0
    • LWC 1.4.6
    • BlockHead 0.1
    • SearchIDs 1.1
    • God Powers 1.0
    • Big Brother 1.3.2
    • Whitelist 1.5
    • Murder
    Default user commands:
    • /help | Shows help (what else)
    • /online | Shows player list
    • /me | Emotes messages
    • /tell [player] [message] | Private message
    • /hat | Puts the currently held item on your head
    • /cprivate | Locks a chest or furnace
    • /cremove | Unlocks a chest or furnace
    • /search [name] | Searches for item ID by name
    Admin commands:
    • same as default users - admins are able to modify all chests
    • /hat [player] [item id] | places a block on player's head
    • /time [day / night] | sets time
    • /murder [player] | Kills player
    • /heal | Heals yourself
    • /heal [player] | Heals player
    • /tp [player] | Teleport to player
    • /tp [player1] [player2] | Teleports player1 to player2
    • /tphere [player] | Teleports player to you
    • /i [player] [item] [amount] | Gives player an item
    • /godmode | Makes yourself invincible
    • /godmode [player] | Makes player invincible
    • /jesus | Walk on water like jesus (crazy command, isn't it?)
    • /whitelist add [player] | Adds player to whitelist
    • /whitelist remove [player] | Removes player from whitelist
    • /whitelist reload | Reloads Whitelist
    • /whitelist list | Lists players on whitelist
    • /pr | Reloads Permissions config
    Freakshare, because Uploaded isn't working correct for me at the moment.

    Are there any bugs?
    I didn't found any so far.

    Something to add / should I correct something?
    Write a PM or post it here...

    When the next update will be ready?
    If there were some changes in Craftbukkit or one the plugins and if I had some free time :)
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    Could use more plugins as standard though, Whitelisting, worldedit/guard, and so on.
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    - Update -
    Build #132; new plugins added (e.g. whitelist)
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    It's useless to work on this project if there's nobody giving feedback. So sorry to all people who need this, but I won't publish any new versions. Maybe if there is a final version of bukkit ;)
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    Would be nice with some more plugins and a later build if possible?
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