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  2. You should join, great staff with some great ideas :)
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    Less caps lock please! :<
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    I'm just going to give my 2 cents on this post:

    This rule:
    combined with this...

    (Primarily the bolded parts)

    It's like slave labor, or at least it looks like it. You make it sound like we're easily replaced, and that we mean little to nothing. And 2 hours per a volunteer? That's practically a job, mate. I know @TechGuard is a respected developer, and I trust him, so I'm not saying you guys are evil. But the post itself? Not very appealing, let me tell ya'.
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    It's voluntary work. Meaning you do not get paid, but for the efforts of the staff I do reward them with something sometimes to thank them of their great efforts.

    And... for rule number 5, basically what I am saying is...
    If there is any fighting between other staff members or people are not working as a team and just following their own ideas and not letting anyone else to have input. The administration staff will have to remove them from the team.

    You plugin developers mean a lot to us, we appreciate your work a lot, without you we wouldn't be where we are. The reason we are saying at least 2 hours a day is because this is a HUGE project. :) We would like some dedication involved. Just because you are doing it as a volunteer doesn't mean you have to demand pay... I provide you with a server to play on with your own plugins, that is somewhat rewarding, and who knows. You might even be promoted to Moderator if you create plugins for us as a reward. In no way what so ever do we ever not appreciate your work.

    I think you just misunderstood this post, it's not slavery and it's far from it, maybe I worded it funny or something, if so just give me a suggestion on how I should reword it. ;)

    I have edited the rules a bit to give you some slack. Yes, I sort of was strict on it and I admit. It's changed a bit now. :)

    Kind regards,


    Yeah, sorry about that. Should be fixed now! :)

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    Appreciate the response. You got rid of the biggest issue, which was requiring 2 hours per day. (Because that's when volunteer work --> job)
    I'd also reword #5 so that it doesn't state "remove for any reason", because that seems unfair. The reasons you listed as examples are fine, I'd just get rid of that one small segment of it. ;)

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    Ah yes, I have just noticed that sounded unfair. I didn't know it was there. I posted this at like 3AM so I was rather derpy.
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    Name: Ethin​
    IGN: poopguy444 (i cant change it)​
    Age: 9​
    Time Zone/Country: I live in the country of Oxlahoma​
    Do you Agree to all the terms and conditions: Yes​
    Do you have Skype? (Do not put Skype name here, I will PM you asking for it if you were recruited): I have a skype!!!!​
    Examples of work: Flaggables, CrimsonIRC, Authoritas,, many, many private plugins​
    Extra Information: I am a male.​
    Maturity Level 1-10: 1 AND PROUD OF IT
    Dedication Level 1-10: 9001, i will do anything it taks​
    TeamWork Level 1-10: i am a good teamwork person​
    Level of Java knowledge 1-10: 10 i know what a for loop is!!!​
    Why do you want to join the team: i have nothing else to do.​
    Any questions you'd like to ask: how old do i haf to be?​
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