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    Hi. A lot of the people who play on a server I help admin are avid fans of the anime "Death Note". I too really like it.

    One of them recently suggested that we have a plugin for it, here are my ideas, I will update the post as I go along, :)

    Death note itself:

    While there will be permissions and all that jazz (to only let a certain rank+ use them), I also want it to be a physical book that the player HAS to have in their inventory (thereby allowing the possibility of them losing it). The plugin has to make sure that the book is in a players inventory for them to use the commands, and the book can't be replicated by an average player, but can be spawned in/duplicated by admins(who are essentially shinigami).

    The book will serve no purpose other than authenticating the user as a true owner of a death note.


    The admin (shinigami) will give a player a Death Note book, making them a Kira.

    Admins can also make someone an L (add this for now, but will have to add more functionality later, use with discretion), presumably using permissions.

    If someone has perms + the death note in their inventory, they can use Kira commands.

    If someone has L perms, they can use L commands.

    There is a cooldown on the Kira commands (can be adjusted via permissions)

    If the Kira drops the death note, can't use commands.

    If someone else with Kira perms picks it up, they can use commands, if they don't have Kira perms then can hold on to it, but can not use commands

    more gameplay mechanics coming soon, feel free to suggest.

    Kira Commands:

    /deathnote - list plugin info, author, etc

    /kira kill <player name> - In 40 seconds, the player dies and chat reads "<player name> was killed by a heart attack"

    /kira kill <player name> <time> <reason> - In <time> seconds (but no less than 40) player dies, and chat reads the message "<player name> died <reason>"

    /kira say <message> - Can say an anonymous message to chat under the name 'Kira'. E.g. <Kira> Submit to the god of the new world!!!

    L Commands:

    /L say <message> - same as kira say, but with L instead.

    /L detect <player name> - if someone has died due to a death note in the last 40 seconds (idk a good time frame), any L can use this command, if they guess a player than in fact caused a kill in the last 40 sec, then that Kira will die, and his death note will be destroyed. If that player did not use the death note to kill someone in the last 40 seconds, or if that player is not a Kira, then a message is broadcast publicly saying <player name> is L (player name being the L that used this command), thereby revealing that this player is an L, and allowing any Kira's to kill him. Also has a cool down (adjustable by perms, same as kira cooldown) (Ideally also makes this player no longer an L if it backfores, but IDK how to do that without using an item like Kira)

    Shinigami Commands:

    /deathnote create - creates a death note, that can be given to a player, orput in a chest ETC ETC

    /deathnote destroy <player name> - destroys all deathnotes that player has

    /deathnote destroyall - purges all deathnotes from the world

    /L create <player name> - makes this player and L

    /L remove <player name> - stops this player being an L

    /L removeall - removes L from all players

    Sorry, I suck at formatting threads! DX

    Right now my idea is pretty basic. I am welcome to suggestions, and I'm sure I'll think of more stuff, especially if I get a prototype.

    If you do make this, please make it for 1.7.2/5 as that is the MC version that we currently run, I can look up the CB version:

    CraftBukkit Version git-Spigot-1373 (MC 1.7.5)

    Thanks all for your time :)
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