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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by trusebruse, Sep 24, 2012.

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    I am currently making a server at home but i dont want to publish it before i can protect my self by from ddos/dos attackers.

    Anyone know how i can protect myself from it? Really need help!
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    Dish out some money for DDoS protection.
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    We have run a server for nearly a year now and we have never gotten DDoSed. dont waste money, the ddosers dont get anything out of crashing a server for an hour. If you do happen to get ddosed just grab the ips from the console and report them to your ISP.

    Also a DDoSer doesnt usually go for small home hosted servers they would rather take down a bigger 20-40 player server
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    20-40?? More like 200-400! DDoSing is quite expensive and most won't be more than 3-4 hours bursts.
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    DDOsing isn't expensive. Stopping it is.


    You won't be able to protect yourself from ddoses at home. Simple as that.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Well, depending on his ISP his home IP may change frequently, and if they don't use a dynamic dns service it will be a constant game of cat and mouse to find his new IP. :p
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    You're an idiot. When people like Kainzo, Mikeambrose, or myself get hit, we can't just "grab the IPs from the console". All three of us see multi-gigabit floods. Good luck stopping THAT on a residential line.

    (by the way, it isn't a half hour. It's multiple hours. Or, in my case, multiple attacks of varying types/sizes/lengths every day or two, for a month.)
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    inb4 his entire neighborhood gets knocked offline.
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    Until his ISP terminates his service and bans him from signing up again.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Sad times indeed. ;)
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    1.) I assume you're talking about "ISP" as stated above. Internet Service Provider = ISP
    2.) BlackLotus, Staminus, JavaPipe
    3.) Most likely it's spoofed, therefore no. You can tell incoming packets with programs or IPTraf in linux.

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    Thanks dude! But witch site do you think i should pick if i only want protecion for a network with only one server and one computer? dont want to payup to much.. :) thanks or your help! :)
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    Who ddoses a server for multiple hours? Seriously they get nothing out of it. Plus they risk getting in legal trouble.
    As I said ddos prevention isn't necessary for home servers because nobody is gonna take down a server that only holds 10-15 players.

    If you get ddosed just call your isp...
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    Your ISP? Nay, you're not even allowed to run servers off of most residential internet connections.
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    Plenty of people.

    Satisfaction from ruining my day is what they get.

    The FBI doesn't touch any case that isn't costing the attacked person/company tens of thousands of dollars.

    I've seen people get hit on their home lines before. Besides, you aren't even supposed to be hosting at home.

    At best, they won't do anything about it. At worst, they'll kick you out and refuse to provide service.
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    Use javapipe.com
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    What do you mean by You aren't even supposed to be hosting at home?...
    That goes with the previous post: Your ISP? Nay, you're not even allowed to run servers off of most residential internet connections.

    Whats wrong with hosting from home?
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    Almost all residential ISPs have a section in their TOS or AUP that prohibits you from using your residential internet line to host any type of server.
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    Nathan C

    Someone with the bots/shells to do it...

    They get the satisfaction of laughing at you, while your server and in your case home internet will be down (just a guess of what they get out of it).

    Legal trouble? LOL, the authorities could care less about some random Minecraft server.

    I wouldn't say that......

    Maybe they want to DDoS a home hosted server, just to see server and the hosts internet go down (or maybe the whole neighbourhoods too). Or maybe the will keep doing it, so that the ISP terminates their internet and they are left with no internet.

    Those are just some guesses on why they would do it.........but my point is, that there is a lot more serious consequences (and reasons to attack) of your home connection being DDoSed.

    And what is that going to do? Do you think they are going to provide you with DDoS mitigation? LOL

    No, they will just terminate you.
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    As far as I know, if you live in USA and you get ddosed by someone, you can report it to sites such as www.ic3.gov and they will take care of it, it is a crime for another person to interrupt a service which you pay for not them, in this case your internet. You may also contact your isp and see what they think. People need to buy server (I think) with high bandwidth to ddos a network, therefore they had to use some sort of IP to buy it and the company who sold/rented the server has it unless he/she used proxy to buy it. Then no luck.
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    Gravity Retired Staff


    In all seriousness, bad idea. Just don't run servers from your house.
    1) They will suck
    2) They won't have good uptime
    3) Your parents will get mad at you
    4) If anyone else gets mad at you, they've got your IP
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    hahaha, Love your comment ;)
    Also, your points are right. I see no need to create a public server at home unless you don't have money therefore stick to a server other than creating your own. Running a successful can't be as easy as it seems.

    This is from my experience, I run three servers at the moment (All mine..) and I've ran two before which I had to shut down, as some "noob" decided to continuously spam fake packets to my router (DDOS) even though I didn't host the servers from home, the person still decided to ddos me causing a real pain for me to go on internet as it was really slow and my router kept crashing. So yeah, even if you start a public server on a host make sure that you don't wonder on other servers using your premium account. Just a bad idea :p
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    If you have dedicated box (and IP), you can firewall off all UDP traffic, because Minecraft server requires only TCP to work. That way you're immune to UDP flood.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Except the query protocol, which works entirely over UDP.
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    Query isn't essential. At least my server worked fine with all inbound UDP traffic blocked.

    If query is needed, one could make a script which would close the query port when the server is under DDoS.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    You are right, its not essential, unless you are on server lists and like that information to be available (such as uptime, player count, etc). You can still run a server with the query protocol disabled and UDP blocked.
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    I guess it would be best to allow only the IP adresses of known server list sites to use UDP on the query port, so you'd be immune to DDoS, but still listed on public server lists. Player's client wouldn't still list info though.
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    Does this include the basic info query/ping that clients send to get the status of servers in the server menu?
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    I got ddosed for a minute once. They don't tend to ddos for long times unless you really made them mad..
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