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    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Suggested name: KaziRP

    What I want: I would like a plugin which is able to have the same commands of the popular gamemode in Garry's mod which is called DarkRP.

    Ideas for commands:

    First command i would like to include is the voting system where a player can vote for another player to be the specified job. (I will mark out the jobs that need to be voted for below.)

    "<playername> wants to be a <jobname>. Vote yes "/vote yes" or Vote no "/vote no"
    The jobs that are acquired:
    Citizen (Green name above head) [Default job]
    Police Officer (Blue name above head) [VOTE]
    Weapon Dealer (Orange name above head) [VOTE]
    Drug Dealer (Yellow name above head)
    Hobo (Brown name above head)
    Mayor (Light blue name above head) [VOTE]
    Gangster (Grey name above head)
    Mob Boss (Dark grey name above head) [VOTE]
    Thief (Grey name above head)
    Chef (Pink name above head)
    [If a job is already being voted for and somebody else votes for the same job, a message will be displayed to the player saying (Cyan colour)"Please wait until the current vote has ended"
    Job listing commands:
    "/job list" - To see list of jobs
    "/job join <jobname>" - To join a job

    Door commands:
    When you open a door that is not owned it displays:
    "That door is not owned"
    When you open a door that is owned:
    "That door is owned by <playername>"
    When you open a locked door that is owned:
    "That door is owned by <playername> and is locked"
    When you want to own a door you look at it and type:
    If door is already owned:
    "That door can not be owned as it is already owned by <playername>"

    Money commands:
    You can give money to a player by looking at them and typing:
    "/givemoney <amount>"
    When you give them money. It displays: (In light Aqua)
    "You have given <playername> $<amount>"
    When you get money. It says:
    "You have received $<amount> from <playername>"

    Lock picking:
    To lock pick. Right click a door with the "LockPick" stick. A small timer will start in the chat: (In light Green)
    "Picking: 1/10"
    (Timer counts to 10. Then the door opens)
    You have a 1 in 5 chance of the lockpick failing: (In light Green)
    "The door failed to unlock!"
    When a player joins for the first time they receive: $1000
    When a player leaves, there job is returned to a citizen.
    Players can buy from a menu in chat (/shop) to buy items depending on their job.
    Police can arrest you by using a blaze rod ("Arrest stick")
    Police can unarrest you using a blaze rod ("Unarrest stick")
    The mayor can announce messages to everyone in the server.
    The gun dealer can sell weapons for prices depending on the enchantment.
    Thieves have a stick called a "lockpick" to pick doors.
    Police and mayor can give people the "wanted" status. (Turns their head to red wool)
    Mayor can initiate a lock-down which shows a message ("Attention citizens, please return to your homes") to tell people to return to their homes.​
    When I'd like it by: By next month if possible.
    Please note: This post is based from an older post of someone who got this made but then it went inactive and the plugin got abandoned. I gathered some of the information from that post as i am not so good at remembering the gamemode.​

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