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    Name: HealthSystem (I'm sorry it sucks DX)

    The descriptions would be added through outside plugins or mods so this plugin does not need to handle it.

    1. Alter max health.
    You can add descriptions to armor and weapons to add more health and attack to users and mobs. If a player wears a helmet that says +100 health, that player now has 120 health. You can check your health with /hp command which will return a proportion, such as 120/120 or 100/120.

    2. Alter health regen
    You can alter health regen rate by adding +# Regen, where # represents any number positive. Instead of 1 health (1/2 heart normally) regenerating at a time, it will regenerate 1 + added up regen from armor, not exceeding the maximum health every x global ticks (defined in config? is that part possible?).

    3. Alter attack
    Having X Damage will do X amount of damage instead of the normal damage of the sword or axe or whatever tool. So 20 Damage will take down the health by 20, instead of 6 or some default number by bukkit. X Damage - Y Damage will do any range of damage from X to Y, and X is always smaller than Y.

    Thanks for reading,
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    I recommend checking out this plugin -> http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/ancient-rpg/ as it lets you have custom health for pretty much everything (including mobs), you could even create like a class or something that as you "level up" you gain more health. It also lets you define things such as how much damage certain items do, and how much protection certain armors give you. Not exactly what you were looking for with that scaling HP (when you wear armour), but still pretty customizable and useful.
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    What's that?

    thank you for your suggestion but I was looking into something that will do damage based on their gear rather than a class

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    It does let you configure that, players don't necessarily need to be in a class that does anything at all! ^_^
    It will let you configure how much damage items do, ect. (The classes won't do anything anyways unless you configure them to do so, like give them a spell or blacklist some items for them)
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    Sorry, but I miss-phrased that statement it seems. I want a system where the better gear that the player holds changes the attack and defense of the player, NOT their level or class or the TYPE of item that they are holding. It does not matter what material item it is, but the specific description that determines the damage, health increase, and health regeneration rate.
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    Heya there! I am searching for a Plugin like this, too. But the only feature I need is the Health System from Dungeon Realms.
    I got a plugin for you, with that you can create Items with different damage and stuff (Exactly what you need) It doesnt provide a health system, but an Armour System with %. I am using this atm, maybe it helps ya!
    Link to the Plugin :
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    THAT is awesome! Thank you sir! You sir is a genius. And what is this dungeon realms that people are talking about?

    Well. If anyone could still do health and regen system, that would be awesome.
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    DungeonRealms is a RPG Server , that is just pure epicness. it is still in beta. Just look on YouTube for : "Vintagebeef dungeon realms" and watch the first episode.

    Add me in Skype : skilly26

    Cuz I think, that we both have the same Idea of a Server.. So why don't we help each other?
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    Now that I look at the plugin.. I don't like the fact that it needs to be defined before it is used.. I needed something that can just read anything with XDamage and deliver that amount of damage.. thank you for the input though.

    Back to the "drwaing board" for me.. and that's good to know, i'll check it out!
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    Just to clarify this, is the plugin supposed to create these items aswell? Or just check whether an item has said lore and applies the health/damage/regen accordingly?

    Plugin 1:
    already existing Sword with +5 Damage (example), plugin ONLY checks for the +5 Damage and applies it.

    Plugin 2:
    Plugin creates sword with said +5 Damage in the Lore, plugin checks for the lore and applies bonus damage.

    Depending on which one you mean, I could probably get you something today. Just tag me asap ;)
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    It will only check
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    Okay, I will see what I can do tomorrow, it's too late now.

    Just to clarify a few more things:

    Armor is no problem, health bonuses are easy.

    For Weapons, only give the health bonus as long as the player holds the weapon? This could get buggy real quick.
    Also I'm not 100% sure about the regen, would it be enough if it would simply give the regen potion effect in different strengths?

    Keep in mind that coding more complex things takes time and effort, which I don't have :p.

    If the things I said aren't enough for you, you will probably be better off finding someone else to do it ;)
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    Weapons won't get health bonuses, just damage when attacking.

    And regen effect will work if you can't figure out the regen
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    Okay, I will work on it later, shouldn't take too long.

    I will just be checking for a: +[value] health

    as in a +, the value and the word health, same with damage. Therefore you could pretty much add anything else to the lore as long it contains +value health (example: "This piece of armor grants the wielder +100 health")

    The issue with regen is that I would have to add a timer aka scheduler to it and figure out how to intercept the regular regen so it doesn't regen + regular regen. It's just a lot of work ;)
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    Then I wouldn't worry about regen. I would rather not make it too complicated for you.
    But would it be easy to add a way to check your health? Like a /hp to see max hp or displaying it in chat/ exp bar

    Also would this effect mobs?
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    Yes this would affect mobs. I'll see what I can do about the /hp command, shouldn't be too hard.

    Also just a quick update, I'm done with the damage part however it's untested, I'll do that later tonight. It works for both bows and any item you want, so it's not restricted to swords. (You could add +50 damage to sticks for example)

    I haven't done the health part yet but I'll do that either later tonight or tomorrow, I have to stop working on it now because one of my clients called me and needs their website fixed :3

    Also, there is a restriction for the lore:
    In the complete lore text, it will only take the first number you add. So make sure the first number you put into the lore is the number you want to add to damage/health.
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    CreeperShift You could simply have it like DungeonRealms where they have DMG: 5
    and then you would iterate through the list and find DMG then split the : and get the value(trim it also because of the space before it)
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    Why? It's not like you generally put numbers into the lore text. This way he can change pretty much anything he could even change "damage". If required I could also just scan through the lore to see whether the number has health behind it, but why overcomplicate something that has to be called whenever something gets hit? :p

    Besides, the way I did it was 1 line of code :p I don't have much time because I have other projects going on aswell ;)
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    You should have explained more like what you are saying now
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    Hes not a dev ;) I don't want to bore him with the details :D
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    This is starting to be interesting, I have been looking for plugins such as this for a long time now, and now that I see that it is possible makes me even more happy. I will be following the progress to this from now on, since I am planning to create a server with such features. If anyone wants to share ideas/thoughts, pm me.

    Also, I was wondering if items created by such a plugin, (Unlike RPGitems, which have to be spawned in with commands) are able to be tied in with normal monster drops or to the EpicBossRecoded plugin.
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    I would say that you can do that if there is an option to let you add descriptions to the item that is dropping, such as dropping a diamond sword with "100 damage" in the description and it will do 100 damage
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    The problem that I currently have with EpicBossRecoded is that custom damage cannot be added to items, you can make it so that an item will drop with sharpness, causing it to do more damage, but that's the only thing you can do.
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    I think the best idea is to ask the dev of the plugin epicboss to add options to add descriptions to items
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    Hey creepershift, I was wondering how it was all coming along. Everything good? I can be a tester if you need a tester
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    Well I just spoke with the Dev of EpicBossRecoded, turns out that there won't be any plans to add such drops to bosses but support in a form of MythicDrops will be possible with a future update, but it is not planned.
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    PhatLoots has EpicBoss support. You can configure the loot that a boss drops and easily add descriptions to it with Lores. Contact me if you need any help with the configuration but the setup for EpicBoss loot can be found here.

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