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    Plugin category: Role Playing
    Suggested name: Daily Tasks ?

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that give the people in the server task to do and if they done it they get rewarded by the item in the config .. then they can't get do that task again till ... like 20 hours .. I want to say a day but I think 20 is better ..
    Ex : so it's like giving task for all the players to dig 500 grass or dirt and when they done digging they get 1 diamond then the task can't be done again untill 20 hours
    So every task have a private reward for it

    and it's better if you can do it to be like mineplex server ( I don't know if there is another server like it but it's gonna be great if you could add it ) >>>>> a small window on the right
    So I am gonna use the ex above : when you dig 100 grass or dirt you will see in the right 100/500 and when it's done it puts on it like this >>> Task 1 : 500/500 grass or dirt

    Ideas for commands: /task <the number of the task > ### it gives you the remaining time to do the and of course if you will add the right window it will be better if you can put the remaining time near the task

    Ideas for permissions: The only permission is to all players > to let them able to do the tasks ,,,, and if you will do the window page in the right maybe it's a second permission for letting them to see it ?[/B]
    or is it just an exiting plugin ? that you just code it with this one ? :D

    When I'd like it by: ?[/B]
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    maybe for a command add /task and it can say the current time.
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