Customizable mobs inflicting potion effects

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by soph1sticated, Aug 20, 2020.

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    Version: 1.16.2

    Plugin category: Entity / Mobs

    Suggested name: PotionInflicters (up to developer)


    Add a way for mobs to inflict potion effects alongside their normal damage. This could work with only melee mobs. For example, I could give a wither skeleton spawn egg a tag that allows it to deal slowness 8 for one second every time it hits a player.


    /inflict <effect> <time> <level> <particles shown or not>
    - Adds a tag to the spawn egg currently in your hand for the mob that spawns to deal the effect at chosen level for chosen time, and whether or not to show particle effects on the inflicted player.
    /inflict remove
    - Removes any potion infliction tags

    Ideas for permissions:

    inflict.config :
    Gives players permission to add and remove potion effect infliction to spawn eggs

    When I'd like it by: No specific date required, however if possible not more than a month
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    Started working on it today, but I'll be a bit busy on the next couple of days. Shouldn't take longer than a week for me to finish it though.
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    This is the plugin. HF
    Sry @schelip I already started and nearly finished the plugin yesterday evening
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    whenever i use the command, the only output is it says /inflict in chat and nothing happens. the spawn egg doesnt spawn a mob that inflicts that potion effect

    here's what i used in case i did the command wrong:

    /inflict slowness 10 3 slowness on
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    Why is there a second slowness?
    When you do /inflict it shows you a help text

    Btw I know the help text is wrong. It's fixed in the new version
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    Here's also my go at the plugin

    You can store multiple effects on the same egg.

    Permission: PotionInflicters.use - For every command

    /inflict <effect> <duration - In seconds> <level> <particles - true/false>
    /inflict remove <effect> - To remove a specific effect from a spawn egg
    /inflict remove - To remove every effect from a spawn egg
    /inflict reload - To reload the config
    /inflict - To view this command list in game

    Might be a bug or two with the particles in rest the plugin work great from what i've tested. Probably won't solve any further bugs or do any coding in the near future as i've severed a few tendons in my left hand and this was quite challenging to the code/test with a single hand. Stay safe guys, and let us meet again after i've fully healed

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