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    Plugin name: CustomCreative


    What this plugin supposed to do:

    A perk that gives access for game mode 1(creative) to players with a limit type of blocks and items.
    (Used for building)
    Players should have 2 different inventories. 1 for creative mode and 1 for survival mode
    when the player switching creative, previous player's items shouldn't get cleared. If he goes back to survival he will switch to "survival" inventory with his items

    Commands - Permissions:
    /mode creative (or /mode 1) - customcreative.creative [Setting mode to creative]
    /mode survival (or /mode 0) - customcreative.survival [Setting mode to survival]
    /customcreative reload - customcreative.admin [Reloading the plugin]
    /mode creative {player} - customcreative.admin [Setting player's mode to creative]
    /mode survival {player} - customcreative.admin [Setting player's mode to survival]

    #Setting mode 1
    &aSet game mode to &c&lCreative&a.

    #Setting mode 0
    &aSet game mode to &2&lSurvival&a.


    #Setting others mode
    &aYou set {player}'s game mode to {mode}

    #No permission
    &cYou don't have permission to change the game mode
    &cYou don't have permission to reload

    #No permission to change others
    &cYou don't have permission to change other's players game mode

    #Should the inventory get cleared when someone switches game mode?
    ClearInventory: false

    #Blocked items
    - '(ID)'
    - '(ID)'
    Message: &F&oYou are not allowed to take this item from creative mode

    #What kind of blocks players can't break while they are in creative mode?
    - "Bedrock"

    - "Chest"
    Message: &F&oYou are not allowed to break this type of block while you are in creative mode

    #Players are allowed to open inventories while they are in creative mode?
    OpenInventories: false
    Message: &f&oYou can't open inventories while you are in creative mode

    #Players can hurt animals or players while they are in creative mode?
    HurtAnimals: false
    HurtPlayers: false
    Message: &f&oYou can't hurt animals/players while you are in creative mode

    #What commands players can use while they are in creative mode?
    - /warp
    - /help
    Message: &f&oYou are not allowed to type this command while you are in creative mode

    #Players can drop or pick items when they are in creative mode?
    DropItems: false
    Pickens: false
    Message: &f&oYou can't drop items while you are in creative mode
    Message: &f&oYou can't pick up items while you are in creative mode

    #Players can drink potions while they are in creative mode?
    DrinkPots: false
    Message: &f&oYou can't drink potions while you are in creative mode

    #Players can put items to frames?
    PutItemsToFrames: false
    Message: &f&oYou can't put items to frames while you are in creative mode

    #When players are in the creative mode they can't:
    1. Open inventories. (Even from any other plugin that has guis)
    2. Type commands except for commands that are enabled from the config.
    3. Hurt players or animals.
    4. Can't take items to their inventory from creative.
    5. Can't drop any kind of item.
    6. Can't break specific type of blocks.
    7. Can't destroy frames.
    8. Can't add items to frames.

    If the player tries to abuse one of those should get a message for each one something like "You are not allowed for this"

    That's all! I think I forgot a lot of stuff to add but if you find something weird can you ask me.? like a bug on this or something. The original plugin is "LimitedCreative" take ideas from it if I forgot anything
    Plus can you try to fix my English because I'm bad?
    Take your time to make it I don't need a specific day
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    Does this include the own creative inventory?
    What does "pickens" mean?
    Only drinkable potions, or also splash potions?
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    1. no inventories like "chests,anvils,hoppers,enderchests ect plus commands like /invsee inventories"
    2. Pick Items*
    3. splash pots too
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    I tried my best implementing everything. I was a bit confused with the config and "other", since I couldn't wrap my head around what you exactly meant.
    Material names for blacklist
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    Thank you so much, I appreciate it and I'm sry about this I'm bad at English I can't really explain it exactly.
    I will test the plugin soon but if you are not sure about something you can get ideas by checking another plugin like this called LimitedCreative

    commands are not working
    i tried /mode 1 and its not working
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    If you literally just want players to be able to fly and build like creative, but without duping items and using their existing inventory, check out the plugin I just had made.

    It replaces standard Elytra flying with creative flying. Makes building a breeze. No hassle of item duping or instant break to worry about. They remain in survival the entire time.

    If you want players to be able to fly immediately in order to do their early game builds, just add an Elytra to a starter chest/kit plugin.

    EDIT: Link to thread:
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    @Invenstory Sorry for the late reply, didn't see that you edited your command.
    Try using /mode creative/survival , they both should work. Once I get home I can check why /mode 1/0 isn't working.

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