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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SeanLeapley, Jul 26, 2012.

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    If a user joins my server and they are not on the "white-list" is there a way to display a custom message instead of "You are not white-listed on this server" can I make it something like "Please visit to get whitelisted." ? Also if I can achieve that is there a way that when a user register on my website for them to automatically be white-listed on my server? That would REALLY help me with my greifer and hacker problems. It seems that "authme" is not so secure after all. Just recently a person used some kind of hack to not have to /login he just used my name and joined. Yes I have an offline authentications server and that is a risk but still...can someone please help me with this problem? That is the reason I want a register add to white-list thing.​
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    I suggest using the Craftbukkit-- or ++ builds on the spout forum, they add this feature natively, and majorly reduce lag!
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    craftbukkit-- ? and i already use craftbukkit++ you think i am a bad server admin? i already researched craftbukkit++ eons is THE only bukkit build i use
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    WhiteMessage (? I think that's the name) let's you do this.

    And also... Bukkit no support offline!
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